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Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

MENA's IATA regional headquarters is there to sustain the extraordinary dynamism of MENA by responding to the needs of its member airlines, accredited travel and cargo agents as well as industry partners. The office also provides industry settlement services and operations for the Middle East and Africa regions, in addtion to promoting IATA's Priorities 2013

Below are MENA's priorities. The regional office will be working towards achieving these throughout 2013.


Safety is the industry's number one priority. IATA will continue to promote enhanced IOSA and ISAGO within MENA as a means of compliance for safety audting. The MENA regional office will continue to actively support the Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group (MID RASG) and lead the resulting safety programs.


The air transport industry must continue to modernize its infrastructure to avoid capacity constraints, improve airspace efficiency and minimize costs. IATA takes a leadership role, by  influencing airport planning and development projects worldwide to meet airline requirements for safety, efficiency and functionality, and in this context MENA will:

  • Support and lead activitites of the CANSO Middle East Regional Airspace Review project (MIDRAR)
  • Support airport developments and alignment with user requirements as well as with the MIDRAR project
  • Drive fuel efficiency activities including airspace improvements
  • Lead, drive and support the ICAO MID Support Team (MPST) facilitating the IATA PBN Support Cell


  • We will continue to drive savings and cost avoidance in industry taxes, charges and fuel fees

IATA Settlement Systems (ISS: BSP/CASS)

The focus placed on our settlement systems capabilities will underline the 99.95% expectation to settle monies to airlines on time. Other priorities include the following:

  • Alignment of the regional hub to ISS standard operating procedures
  • Deployment of an automated solution for Remittance and Settlement including the launch of the global solutions tool
  • Secure Passenger Agency Conference approval for a single set of risk management guidelines that would facillitate movement toward global standards for agent financial criteria and financial securities

IATA's Simplifying the Business Initiative

The Simplifying the Business(StB) program's mission is to change the way air transport industry operates-resulting in better service for passengers and lower costs for the industry. The current StB program will save the industry up to US$18.1 billion every year. In 2013 the following projects will make up StB, and in this context MENA's regional office will drive the following:

  • Work with regional based airlines to drive the Fast Travel initiative
  • Increase the volume of Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD)
  • Increased implementation of the Baggage Improvement Program (BIP) in the  regions airports
  • Launch a Secure Freight initiative in the region
  • Increase the regions volumes in the Direct Data Service (DDS)
  • Launch a new IATA e-freight initiative with the region
  • Through actively supporting airlines, enable airlines  to go live in Simplfied Interline Settlement (SIS)

The Environment

The environment is one of our top priorities, along with safety and security. Airlines are working constantly to limit their impact on the environment. IATA helps them to do so and is protecting the industries interests in the following ways.

Aviation Solutions

  • By capitalizing on IATA's global view and strategic role in the aviation industry, IATA provides a wide range of products and services to the industry, in turn this enables IATA to continue its work in supporting its members in the areas of safety and security, in finance, operations, strategic management and much more.

For more information, please contact the MENA regional office.


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