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Environmental Policy

IATA is focused on developing smart policies

Aviation is a catalyst for growth, a vital conduit for world trade, and a major global employer. Nearly 63 million jobs and $2.4 trillion in global GDP are supported by aviation. With these benefits comes an impact on the environment.

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IATA’s goal is to ensure proportionate and coherent environmental policies are implemented by governments around the world to support the sector’s sustainability and allow environmental improvements to be achieved in a cost-effective manner. IATA works on mitigating the environmental impacts of air transport both at global level and at local level:

Our policy action

Our action includes:

  • Supporting the development of environmental standards and recommended practices in ICAO
  • Working with airlines and other stakeholders to identify policies to mitigate the sector’s impact
  • Providing input to regulatory processes and international negotiations
  • Informing policy-makers and stakeholders about environmental solutions

IATA’s Environment Committee (ENCOM) advises IATA on environmental policies and strategy.

IATA has several programs to assist airlines in improving their environmental performance and is working on several initiatives on Cargo Sustainability. Additionally, IATA offers courses on aviation and the environment.

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