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Airlines International - February 2013

Airlines International is IATA's flagship magazine, available in print, on iPad and in print. Find out about the advertising options in the online version of the magazine.

In this issue:

February 2013 issue cover

23 minutes that changed the world...
IATA's Director General & CEO editorial

CEO Interview - Kenya Airways
Titus Naikuni says it is not too early to start thinking about consolidation in Africa. 

Special report: followin in Australia's footsteps
Australian aviation is an innovative sector that pushes at regulatory boundaries. An example that should be followed globally.

Straight Talking: Air Traffic Management
Tomorrow's air traffic management must facilitate more direct routings to improve safety and operational efficiency.

CEO Interview - China Eastern Airlines
Liu Shaoyong explains how domestic strength will help overcome the global economic malaise and pursue growth opportunities

Airline Distribution
Changes in airline distribution will allow customized journey choices that will benefit airlines and passengers

New Airport Partners
Will fresh sources of airport investment have an impact on airlines and the traveling public?

Emissions Trading Scheme
The European Commission has stopped the clock on its Emissions Trading Scheme. Can a global agreement be reached before it starts ticking again?

Soapbox - The Power of the Hub
Investment in a single hub airport can boost economic growth - by Colin Matthews, Chief Executive Heathrow Airport


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