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CEO Brief

Editorial from IATA's Director General & CEO

We are now well into the peak summer travel season for the Northern Hemisphere. Demand is robust with holiday travelers undertaking journeys of discovery, visiting friends and family or perhaps relaxing on a beach somewhere. All of this activity is visible in busy airports and full cabins--and in the smiles on the faces of those arriving at a long-dreamed of destination. More...

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Managing Airlines' Money

 In order to secure the airlines’ funds, IATA has initiated a number of actions which received the support of the Board of Governors at its last meeting in Miami on 7 June 2015. More...


Advocacy Matters

IATA continues its efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on airline members through advocating a smarter regulation approach.

The work falls into two areas: promoting IATA’s smarter regulation methodology to policymakers, and advocating for a smarter regulation approach on specific issues. More...


Security and Facilitation

 IATA continues to assist airlines in developing a robust cyber security strategy and to help drive coordination of global efforts to address cyber threats to aviation.

The Aviation Cyber Security Toolkit assembled in 2014 has been enhanced with Cyber Security Risk Mitigation Practices and continues to be a valuable resource for both industry and Governments.  More...



 Over recent years, there has been a surge in the illegal trade of wildlife and their products, a business estimated to be worth up to 20 billion dollars a year.

During its 71st Annual General Meeting held 7-9 June in Miami (USA), IATA signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). More...

Looking at the Numbers

Consumers will see a substantial increase in the value they derive from air transport this year. 

New destinations are up 1.7% this year already, and frequencies have risen by even more.  We expect 1% of world GDP to be spent on air transport in 2015, totaling over $760 billion. More...



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