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Are you ready for baggage XML?

Moving away from legacy baggage processes

Baggage management is rapidly evolving, with new processes being continuously introduced. The current messaging standards, which have been in place since 1985, do not provide an easy way to support baggage system integration and innovation.

Baggage message failure or rejection are major causes of baggage mishandling, impacting customer service, and extra cost upon the industry. Airlines and airports end up investing efforts and resources to resolve messaging issues. As well as preparing the industry for a more cost efficient and flexible future, numerous other benefits would flow from moving away from today’s out of date practices.

Working on baggage XML

The IATA Baggage XML Working Group has started revisiting the current information exchange model and is working towards the development of XML based messaging standards that correspond to today’s industry requirements.

The work is based on established best practices and will allow future developments at a reasonable cost using technology that is almost universally adopted in other industries. For more information, please contact


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