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Simplifying the Business (StB) News

E-services project closure

The IATA e-services project is now closed. After more than five years, the industry successfully transitioned to a full digital standard, opening the door to further modernization of still paper-based processes. More information

NDC change management, schemas and deployment

On 13-15 January, IATA hosted the first meeting of the Change Management Group. This new working group has been established to monitor, review, validate and implement requested changes to the NDC business requirements and ultimately to the NDC recommended schemas, prior to submission to PADIS. More information

SAE visited 80 terminals

The Security Access and Egress (SAE) Project closed out the year achieving the target of 80 terminals visited. The promotion of the Recommended Practice 1701h and the implementation guide, in conjunction with the numerous workshops conducted since 2012, has shown a positive impact. More information

First ever baggage XML messages

The IATA Baggage XML working group succeeded in running a pilot in which the first ever baggage information messages in the XML format were successfully exchanged between pilot participants. More information

Paper traffic documents deadline

In October 2013, the IATA Passenger Services Conference (PSC) reconfirmed the industry deadline of 1 April 2016 for the removal of all paper traffic documents. More information 

Hawaiian Airlines achieves Fast Travel platinum status

Hawaiian is the first airline in the United States to achieve Fast Travel platinum status, which recognizes carriers that offer four or more Fast Travel compliant solutions to at least 80% of their passengers. More information 


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