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Simplifying the Business (StB) News

IATA Passenger Innovation Awards

The finalists have been announced. The first prize was awarded to the Butterfly seating concept. Stay tuned for more information on the 2015 Innovation Awards! More information

Complete 100% EMD in IATA BSP

The date has come; the goal set out in 2010 by the IATA Board of Governors to reach 100% EMD in the BSP has finally been achieved! As of 1 November 2014 travel agents are no longer able to issue vMPD in BSPLink. After the vMCO sunset in January, all miscellaneous transactions are now replaced by EMD in IATA BSP worldwide. More information

NDC at the 2014 World Passenger Symposium (WPS)

Those who attended the 2014 edition of IATA’s World Passenger Symposium (WPS 2014) will probably agree that last month’s event further demonstrated that NDC is now a reality and possibly even more importantly, has become a source of collaboration between airlines, technology companies and the travel trade. More information

Security Access and Egress Status 2014

The global target of conducting diagnosis at 80 airports will be reached by mid December. The following airports have already started to implement recommendations and provided positive feedback. More information 


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