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Flash Cargo Tracker July 2012

In this issue of Cargo Tracker:

First e-Cargo conference endorses way forward for e-freight

The first e-Cargo Conference took place on June 26-27, 2012 in Geneva and attracted over 160 delegates from more than 40 countries, gathering a mix of experts, leading practitioners and beginners in the area of e-Cargo. Read more...

GACAG outlines joint vision for e-freight at e-Cargo conference

Last month, the e-Cargo Conference provided a unique opportunity to review the progress made by the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG), in aligning the air cargo supply chain around the common goal of building a paperless industry. Read more...

Successful e-AWB workshops held

The first European e-AWB workshop took place in Geneva after the e-Cargo Conference. More to come soon! Read more...

The benefits of 100% e-AWB and e-freight implementation: the real case of Cathay Pacific!

During the "Value of e-freight" session, Jackson Chan from Cathay Pacific Airways explained the benefits of e-freight for airlines. Read more...

The e-freight Matchmaker: a unique online tool for e-freight and e-AWB

During the e-freight and e-AWB Workshop that followed the e-Cargo Conference, IATA presented the e-freight Matchmaker and its functionalities. Read more...


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