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Online exam pilot a success

Together with our training partners, we continue our work to make online exams a reality. The first phase of testing was completed in September with the successful launch of two pilot exams: one in-house and the other at training partner, Etihad. Many more pilots are planned, as we continue to convert paper exams to the new online exam format.

We look forward to bringing this new testing platform to you soon. In the meantime, you can find more information below which we hope will address some of your questions.

How will online exams differ from the original paper-based exams?

Instead of receiving a paper based exam with question booklet and answer sheet, participants will write a computer-based, proctored exam at an official IATA Training exam center. Exam centers will be required to provide one computer per participant with restricted internet access. A tutorial is now available to help familiarize registered participants with the online exam environment.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of shifting from paper to online exams are many. Our online exam format is more convenient, user-friendly and secure than its predecessor. It enables participants to take the exam closer to the course completion date; write with greater ease due to its built in timer, notes and bookmark features; and it significantly reduces the risk of error, as each answer is marked directly beneath its corresponding question rather than on a separate answer sheet.

The exams are more secure due to controlled system access and randomized questions, ensuring that every participant receives a slightly different exam. One of the most significant advantages, though, is that participants will know whether they passed the exam immediately as their results will be displayed on their screen upon completion of the exam.

When, where and how will it be rolled out?

Eventually, all of our exams will be computer-based. We are currently very busy testing and preparing online exams, and look forward to sharing the exact roll out dates and available locations soon. However, due to the varied formats of our current exams, some are easier to migrate than others. Multiple choice exams can easily be migrated, whilst more complex exams that include case studies and extracts, such as the Dangerous Goods Regulations exams, need to be revised before they can be transferred to an online environment, so as to create the best possible exam experience for participants.

As we complete this process, we continue to identify the locations where we will host exams, including building computer facilities, and ensuring the provision of stable internet connectivity and electricity in regions that face these challenges.


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