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Partnerships for global reach

Message from the Director - Q3 2014

Some months ago, and after some discussion, the ITDI team defined our new mission: “To provide top quality training to aviation and travel professionals worldwide.” I have always been wary of mission statements, as the exercise of condensing an entire mandate into one sentence can be challenging. And in our diverse team of more than 30 nationalities, 17 native languages, and just as many cultural and ideological identities, the process of defining this engaging mission statement proved to be a tough but satisfying challenge.

Our mission is fairly straight forward – or so it seems. We serve a global industry that is under the constant threat of economic turmoil. Human resource and training challenges are many in the face of increasing traffic demand, an ageing workforce, and a growing gap in skilled labor between developed and developing nations.

Meeting the training needs of a global industry does not seem so straight forward once we take these circumstances into account. We simply cannot do it alone. Thanks to the cooperation and engagement of our more than 400 partners, we are able to make industry training accessible worldwide.

Meeting of minds in Montreal

My view of ITDI’s worldwide reach intensified this May as we had the pleasure of hosting over 150 partners at our 6th Global Training Partner Congress in Montreal. We were awed by presentations from well-known industry professionals that broached a number of subjects, from the state of our industry to innovation and new training technology, best practices, development plans and case studies.

The presentations were complemented by a series of panel discussions, breakout exercises, and Q&A sessions, where we all had the chance to learn, share experiences, and network with partners from all corners of the world.

I was especially impressed by our partners’ commitment to the IATA training program. I saw excitement and new projects being developed and was reminded that our mission is within our team’s reach.

Our training network provides a solid base for serving our industry’s training needs. Our partners have access to markets and regions where ITDI’s presence is not sustainable. Through their market knowledge and local infrastructure, these organizations continue to help the aviation industry ensure professional competency and high standards.

I look forward to continued partnership in our efforts to make a difference in the industry.

Victor de Barrena

Director, IATA Training & Development Institute


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