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IATA Training in the Asia-Pacific region

Sun, beaches, and exotic food are strongly associated with the Asia-Pacific region – pleasures you can delight in when you take a course at our Singapore or Jakarta training centers. Both serve the region’s rapidly growing aviation market, offering a full spectrum of IATA classroom, in-company, and distance learning courses.


Singapore is a truly cosmopolitan city, with an international make-up that contributes to its unique culture and lifestyle. Visitors to Singapore are welcomed by its incredible urban landscape, wealth of culinary delights and entertainment. Despite being identified as a financial center, Singapore is also a major regional aviation hub - it is home to arguably the most comfortable airport in the world and one of world’s most famous airlines. The city offers an ideal environment for our training center, which attracts participants from all over the world.

IATA Singapore Training Center

IATA Singapore is located near the heart of the city center, in Somerset, next to the Mandarin Orchard hotel and the 313 Somerset shopping mall.

We offer five state-of-the-art training rooms and facilities to suit your every business need, including free use of wifi, printers, and public phones. Our team is truly representative of IATA’s multinational culture with Dutch, British, Chinese and Singaporeans sitting side by side. We look very much forward to welcoming you to our office soon.


The Training Team


Deborah LIM: I have been in Singapore for four years now and love to explore new lunch and brunch spots in the city as it seems new ones are popping up on a weekly basis! My favorite spot at the moment is Real Food on Killiney Road - definitely worth the visit when in town.
Contact Number: +65 6499 2295 – Email


Lu LUO: A bustling city-state in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is famous for its booming economy and its strict regime of law and order. I have been living here for almost four years now and love Singapore for its diverse culture, convenient location, openness, safety, cuisine and much more.
Contact Number: +65 6499 2311 – Email


Randy ROZALI: I have worked with IATA since June 2007. Working in the Singapore Training Center has provided me with the opportunity to meet and be exposed to people from different places. Providing our participants with information on where they can go to chill-out after a long day of training is part and parcel of what we do here. Weekends are spent with the family, catching up with my son and wife on the week’s activities.
Contact Number: +65 6499 2293 – Email


Alan FRANCIS: I started out as an intern in May this year and jumped at the opportunity to work with IATA and explore a new city. Being a serious foodie, I’ve been spoilt for choice here in Somerset. Having the trendy bars of Emerald Hill just round the corner makes this an ideal location for those with an active social life!
Contact Number: +65 6499 2534 – Email


Recently crowned the third largest market for Lamborghinis in the Asia-Pacific region, Jakarta is a city of contrasts. The divergence between rich and poor is matched only by the diverse cultural mix of languages and beliefs. Though notorious for its rush-hour traffic jams, Jakarta has a rich cultural heritage, with great food and some of the best nightlife in Asia. Indonesia is an archipelago with thousands of islands, each inhabited by people with their own unique way of living, and it is in Jakarta that this variety is best represented.*

Jakarta IATA Training Center

As a growing hub for aviation, IATA Training in Jakarta is well-placed to satisfy the needs of the many airlines servicing Indonesia, both domestically and internationally.


The Training Team

Our colleague Roro SILIASIH helps with planning and hosting our courses in Indonesia.
Contact Number: +62 212 943 9070 – Email



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