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IATA Global Training Partner Developments

A great number of new developments are taking place within the IATA Global Training Partner network. In keeping with the recent enhancement of our brand, some relate to ‘housekeeping’ while others work to build our business and extend our reach.

Under ‘housekeeping’, we have assumed a new initiative to ensure that the quality of our partner network is maintained at its current high standard. To this effect we work to engage with partners who have been inactive or who have not met the expectations we have set. In some cases we are able to revive the partnership and in others we have had to part ways.

Simultaneously, we have partnered with prominent training partners in the Middle East, North Asia and Asia Pacific regions. We look forward to working with them to train the workforce in their local markets and to help close the ever-growing skills gap in the industry.

We also launched the 2014 Back to School ATC Promotion which offers brand new incentives and promotion schemes. Incentives include discounts toward future orders, complimentary access to Harvard ManageMentor modules and IATA-CAE e-learning courses, and free admission to classroom training. The promotion runs from 10 September through 15 October.

In other news, we are proud to announce the launch of our most recent academic program together with the University of Geneva: The Diploma of Advanced Studies in Advocacy, Communication and External Relations.

International organizations, NGOs and governments rely heavily on advocacy as a tool to push their agendas forward to support their cause. The program was designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully influence global issues.

The Diploma of Advanced Studies in Advocacy, Communication and External Relations builds on the existing relationship we have developed with the University of Geneva over the years. Several training options are available for the air transport industry, including our flagship Aviation Management program.

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Inaugural participants in the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Advocacy, Communication and External Relations; Geneva, Switzerland.


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