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    Frequently Asked Questions

    About IATA and what it does for the Air Transport Industry

    What is IATA
    IATA - the International Air Transport Association – works with its airline members and the air transport industry as a whole to promote safe, reliable, secure and economical air travel for the benefit of the world's consumers. IATA’s 265 member airlines comprise 83% of all air traffic. IATA is present in some 60 countries over the world.

    What does IATA do?
    IATA provides a wide range of services and programs to its member airlines, the broader aviation community and by extension the traveling public. IATA sets standards in many areas of the business - from ticketing to baggage - that make it possible for passengers to travel from one place to another using two or more airlines. It also leads a number of industry initiatives involving safety, security, environment and the quality of air travel.

    IATA makes buying tickets easier as well. It accredits over 70,000 travel agents worldwide to ensure they provide the high standards of service and dependability that airlines and their clients expect. IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan serves as the financial backbone of the industry by managing the flow of the over $270 billion generated annually by travel agent ticket sales to airlines. And there is much, much more - check out our areas of activities.

    Does IATA regulate airline activities?
    No. While IATA provides many standards and recommended practices it does not regulate its members in any way. That task is left to governments and civil aviation authorities.

    I've been contacted about outstanding fees

    There have been attempts to obtain payments from users of IATA products and services through fraudulent e-mail messages. Please see our recommendations to detect fraud and report it to us.

    Travelers questions

    Answers to questions related to passenger rights, baggage, traveling with pets and many more topics are available in the FAQ section of the TravelCentre, IATA's information portal for travelers.

    What are my rights with regard to an incident or accident related to a journey by air?

    • The liability of airlines towards passengers in cases of incidents and accidents are defined in the "Conditions of contract and other important information". This document details passenger rights with regard to death or bodily injury, loss of or damage to baggage, and for delay. It also defines passenger rights and obligations for denied boarding, check-in times, baggage and the transport of dangerous goods.
    • There may be some regional adaptation of the ticket notice. Please check out the ticket notice applicable to the country of departure indicated on your ticket: www.iatatravelcentre.com/ticket

    Travel and Cargo Agents

    Where to find information related to IATA accreditation/certification

    how to receive assistance with regard to issues related to BSP, BSPlink, CASS and CASSlink?

    • For Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, go to the Customer Portal
    • For other regions, check out the country pages under IATA by Region

    And more generally...

    Where to find information about IATA codes for airlines

    Where do I find answers about training and distance learning?

    What are the processes behind the transport of dangerous goods/hazardous material?


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