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Email & Website Fraud Protection

All organizations are vulnerable to online fraud. While IATA uses a sophisticated strategy and tools to prevent fraud attacks, fraudsters still find ways to bypass these efforts. 

To help mitigate fraudulent activities, it is important that IATA stakeholders understand how to identify fraud so it can be reported to IATA's fraud prevention team. Below you will find examples of online fraud and guidance on how to report it.

Do not respond to messages originating from these domains, delete them and report any further activities to information.security@iata.org 

Fraud activity Website fraud Recognize & report Genuine domains FAQ Workgroups

Latest fraud activity

  • iata.agentconsultancy@accountant.com
  • IATA.BSP@accountant.com
  • iataagent.dr@accountant.com
  • iata@iata-invoice-online.org reply to revenue@iata-payment-online.org
  • iatastrategicpartners@accountant.com
  • sonido@hrpuche.es reply to account@accountinvoice-lata.org
  • accountt@iata.org reply to account@accountinvoice-lata.org
  • revenue@iata-invoice-bsp.org
  • revenue@iata-invoices-online.org
  • iata.partnerships@accountant.com
  • iatabilling@accountant.com
  • iata.consult@accountant.com
  • iata.bspagents@accountant.com
  • iataconsultservices@accountant.com
  • iatan.invoices@accountant.com 
  • iatastrategicpartnerships@accountant.com
  • IA.FINANCE@accountant.com
  • account@iata-bsp.org reply to revenue@iata-payment-online.org
  • finance@iata-bsp.org reply to revenue@iata-payment-online.org
  • testmail@sustc.edu.cn reply to account@accountinvoice-lata.org
  • iata.invoices@accountant.com
  • sjones@jerryhillforsenate2012.com
  • account@iata-invoice-online.org
  • revenue@iata-payment-online.org
  • amadeus.hotline@iata-online.com / amadeus.iata@gmail.com
  • Iataagent.ac@accountant.com
  • kate@findcontainer.net
  • account@accountinvoice-iata.org

Recurrent fraudulent email domains

  • @accountant.com
  • @iata-payment-online.org
  • @iata-invoice-online.org
  • @accountinvoice-lata.org
  • @iatacass.org
  • @iatacollections.com
  • @iatacass.com
Please consider that IATA never communicates via these domains: @gmx.com, @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, @usa.com or @outlook.com   

Report fraud

To report fraudulent e-mails, fraudulent websites, or if you have any questions relating to fraudulent activities with a reference to IATA, please contact information.security@iata.org

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