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Fraudulent Websites


Fake travel agency websites

IATA is aware that there are fraudulent online travel and flight booking agencies operating internationally. These websites can appear highly professional and may even display the IATA logo to make their webpages appear legitimate. Because this is a growing concern, we urge you to use only verified agents (Accredited agents/agencies will provide their IATA code if asked and this can be verified online via the Check a Code website or through the IATA Customer Portal). 

Please be cautious of any agent whose website states that they accept credit cards for payment, but then later requests payment via wire transfer. This could be an attempt to obtain your credit card information in addition to a wire transfer payment which you cannot dispute later.

Below are examples of fake travel/flight booking websites. Be mindful of sites that may be similar. If you learn of or suspect an online agency of fraud, please contact Please remember, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Suspected fake cargo agent websites

IATA is aware that there are cargo companies advertising their services via websites. Unfortunately, not all of these companies are true cargo agents, although some use the IATA logo without authorization in order to appear legitimate.

When looking for a cargo agent, we recommend that you request accreditation/certification codes for any associations mentioned on the website. Legitimate companies should provide such information which may then be verified by the respective association.


Agents using statements of IATA affiliation without authorization

In addition to fake online agencies, IATA is also aware of agencies which make statements on their websites indicating that they are IATA accredited, protected or bonded, or that they hold membership with IATA when in fact they have no such association with IATA. Please be mindful that simply because a website makes a statement of IATA affiliation, this does not mean it is always the truth.

Should you wish to use the services of an agent claiming IATA affiliation, ask for their IATA code. Accredited agents will provide this information and it can be verified on the checkacode website at any time. Below is a screenshot example, current as of May 2014. If you suspect a website of making false claims of this nature, please contact .


Contact information 

To report fraudulent e-mails, suspected fraudulent websites, or if you have any questions relating to fraudulent e-mails, please contact us at


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