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    Fraudulent Websites

    Fraudulent online travel and flight booking agencies operate internationally. These websites can appear highly professional and some may display IATA’s accredited agency logo to make their webpages appear more legitimate. Because this is a growing concern, IATA suggests using only verified agencies.

    Verifying IATA Accreditation

    Agencies will provide their IATA code if asked. This can be verified online via the Check a Code website​, or through the IATA Customer Portal​. Be cautious of any agent whose website states that they accept credit cards for payment, but later requests payment via wire transfer. This could be an attempt to obtain credit card information in addition to a wire transfer payment - a wire transfer payment cannot be disputed later.

    Unauthorized statements of IATA affiliation

    Some online agencies have false statements on their websites claiming to be IATA accredited, protected or bonded, or claiming that they hold membership with IATA. Be aware that when a travel, cargo or service agency makes reference to IATA on their home page, it does not necessarily mean that they are IATA accredited.

    Should you wish to use the services of an agent claiming IATA affiliation, always request their IATA code.

    Contact information

    To report fraudulent e-mails, suspected fraudulent websites, or websites with suspected false claims, or if you have any questions relating to suspected fraud involving references to IATA, please contact us at information.security@iata.org​.


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