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Airline services

IATA offers a wide range of financial products to protect its members’ money, reduce their costs and improve efficiency.




Card Services

  • IATA Perseuss: Card fraud prevention - Early detection - Data exchange within user community
  • IATA CardClear: Card sales centralization - Multi-currency submission - All card brands and transaction types
  • IATA CardAXS: Settlement of card transactions centralization - Reduction of foreign exchange exposure - Airline specific merchant contract
  • IATA CardStats: Consolidates airline’s worldwide BSP credit-card transactions into a single report giving quick, clear information on card sales
  • IATA COPS: CreditCard Optimisation Service - Identify and reduce commission fees and service charges

Other Solutions

  • iiNET is presently the most comprehensive, flexible and reliable worldwide electronic data exchange and data distribution service available to the industry

Additional information

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