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CreditCard Optimisation Service (COPS)

Credit card acceptance sees airlines paying high merchant fees. The fees are numerous and vary from country to country. Some are fixed amounts. Some are percentages of the transaction value. Understanding what exactly is being charged is a daunting task. Without a thorough understanding of this complexity, airlines can be exposed to unnecessarily high fees.

Reducing commission rates & service charges

IATA has partnered with CreditCard Optimisation Ltd or COPS, which offers a unique and innovative service to identify and reduce commission fees and service charges. COPS innovative methods allow to benchmark all fees assessed to a merchant against a proprietary database to define optimal fees.

In addition, the IATA CreditCard Optimisation Service will regularly renegotiate card acceptance merchant agreements in order to reduce commission and service fees for the benefit of all industry.


  • Substantial reduction of credit card commission rates and service charges
  • Improved speed and simplified methods of payment
  • Single point of contact for all credit card negotiations

Personalized consulting service

IATA COPS is a consulting service for airlines. An IATA COPS expert works with the airline onsite to identify all hidden charges and fees. An analysis of the data collected is then carried out offsite, and a report of target savings is presented to the airline. Negotiations with the credit card companies are done by IATA COPS on behalf of the airline.

The fee for this service is paid only if the savings are achieved and is percentage based.

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