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Cargo Training Courses

 IATA  Cargo training has an unparalleled track-record in helping thousands of air cargo professionals stay at the top of their game. We offer the industry’s most dynamic and innovative training solutions for every aspect of air cargo  operations, including on-time performance, business management and strategic planning. 

Air cargo operations can be very complex. Precision delivery and safety rely on how well air cargo professionals are trained. Taught by industry experts, our courses focus on industry best practices and change management to help you adapt to the increasingly complex air transport environment. We offer quality training solutions to respond to the diverse learning needs of the industry.  ​


Air Cargo Law and Convention (Classroom, 2 days)
Air Cargo Management - University of Geneva (Classroom, 3 days)
Air Cargo Management (Classroom, 5 days)
Air Cargo Security (Classroom, 5 days)
Airport Security Operations Optimization (Classroom, 5 days)
Audit, Quality and Risk Management for Temperature Controlled Cargo (Classroom, 5 Days)
Cargo Accident Investigation and Prevention (Classroom, 5 days)
Cargo Advanced Rating and Marketing
Cargo Advanced Rating and Marketing for the Leadership & Management Training Program
Cargo Airline Customer Service (Classroom, 3 days)
Cargo Airline Management with Business Simulation (Classroom, 5 days)
Cargo Business Development for Airports (Classroom, 3 days)
Cargo Claims and Complaint Handling (Classroom, 2 days)
Cargo English
Cargo Introductory Course
Cargo Introductory Course for the Leadership & Management Training Program
Cargo Marketing and Advertising (Classroom, 4 days)
Cargo Operations Oversight for Airports (Classroom, 4 days)
Cargo Proration (Classroom, 5 days)
Cargo Revenue Accounting Procedures (Classroom, 5 days)
Cargo Revenue and Yield Management (Classroom, 4 days)
Cargo Sales Excellence (Classroom, 4 days)
Cargo Security Awareness
Cargo Skills and Procedures (Classroom, 5 days)
Cargo Skills and Procedures for Freight Forwarders (Classroom, 5 days)
Cargo Supply Chain and Transport Modes
Cargo Warehouse Operations (Classroom, 4 days)
Cargo XML Messaging and Standards (Classroom, 3 days)
Consignment Security Declaration (e-CSD) Standards and Implementation (Classroom, 3 days)
Curso Introductorio de Carga
e-Cargo Business Process and Standards (Classroom, 4 days)
Fundamentos de la Manipulación de Elementos Unitarios de Carga (presencial, 3 días)
Gestión de la Carga Aérea (presencial, 5 días)
International Negotiation Skills (Classroom, 5 days)
Live Animals Regulations (LAR) - Acceptance Staff - E-Learning - English
Live Animals Regulations (LAR) (eLearning)
Live Animals Transportation (Classroom, 3 days)
Managing Air Cargo Operations (Classroom, 4 days)
Manipulación de Mercancías Sensibles a la Temperatura (presencial, 3 días)
Normativas relativas a Animales Vivos (presencial, 3 días)
Operaciones de seguridad aeroportuarias (presencial, 5 días)
Perishable Cargo Regulation (PCR) (eLearning)
Perishable Cargo Transportation (Classroom, 2 days)
Professional Air Cargo Supervisor (Classroom, 5 days)
Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Cargo Airline (Classroom, 5 days)
Sécurité relative au fret aérien (en salle de cours, 5 jours)
Security Checkpoint Management (Classroom, 5 days)
Security X-ray Screening Operations (Classroom, 4 days)
Técnicas y Procedimientos Relativos a la Carga (presencial, 5 días)
Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations (Classroom, 3 days)
Temperature Controlled Container Operations (Classroom, 2 days)
Time and Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products (eLearning)
Transporte de Mercancías Perecederas (presencial, 2 días)
ULD Operations (Classroom, 3 days)
ULD Train the Trainer (Classroom, 5 days)
ULD 管理基础课程

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