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Paperless Aircraft Operations

IATA Master Airframe Maintenance Agreement is available for industry use

In an effort to make maintenance agreements more efficient, the Master Airframe Maintenance Agreement (Master AMA) is now available for use by indusrty.

Following the best practices in aircraft operations and industry templates, the Master AMA has been developed to facilitate negotiations for heavy maintenance events, such as C-checks, D-checks, structural checks and other types of airfraime maintenance.

The full document can be accessed here: Master Airframe Maintenance Agreement (pdf).

The Parties of this Agreement can:

1) customize the commercial and technical details using the Part II of Annex 1 - Airframe Maintenance Agreement and other Annexes;

2) modify, add, remove, validate or invalidate the Articles of this Agreement using the Part III of Annex 1 - Airframe Maintenance Agreement.

To facilitate this process, the Microsoft Word version of Annexes can be downloaded from the following link: Annexes to Master Airframe Maintenance Agreement (doc).

Please return your comments on use of this new IATA template to

Efficient & paperless operations

IATA's Paperless Aircraft Operations is an initiative that started in 2011, following other Simplifying the Business initiatives such as  e-ticketing, RFID, baggage handling, e-Air Waybill (e-AWB), and Cargo RFID.

The vision is to explore efficiencies and deliver implementation guidelines to the airlines in the maintenance operation. With innovative technologies and improved processes the aircraft should be able to “talk” to the operator of its history, airworthiness, technical condition and costs.

The initiative’s mission is to increase the efficiency of maintenance operation processes by making them paperless and electronically enabled. There are several areas of potential benefits

  • Auto-ID / RFID aircraft parts tracking
  • RFID as alternative means of compliance
  • Digital signature in technical operations 
  • Electronic airworthiness compliance
  • Electronic maintenance record keeping
  • Electronic aircraft lease transfers
  • IATA standardized maintenance agreements
  • Aircraft leasing best practices for delivery / re-delivery and maintenance reserves
  • Electronic regulatory documents ( XML FAA 8130 / EASA Form 1 / TCCA Form 1)

Paperless Aircraft Operations Think Tank

The Paperless Aircraft Operations’ Think Tank elaborates on the vision of the airline maintenance processes and defines the most relevant focal areas for improvements and innovations.  More on the Paperless Aircraft Operations Think Tank.


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