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Industry Data Model

Today industry systems contain many inconsistent definitions (e.g. the same term has different meanings in different systems and multiple terms are used to describe the same concept) which prevents a seamless flow of data.
IATA’s Industry Data Model is an infrastructure project that will see the upgrade of our messaging standards development capability. Structured information will be available in an electronic repository.  It will store industry-agreed vocabulary, data definitions and their relationships as well as the related business requirements. 


IATA’s Industry Data Model aims to become a common point of reference to generate messaging standards that are interoperable (i.e. work with each other much better), faster to develop and easier to implement..


  • Increased consistency of definitions and format of data exchanges improves interoperability across the industry
  • Faster time to market of new or changed data exchange standards
  • Faster deployment of industry standards through quality and visibility


The underlying infrastructure is now in place and industry working groups in need of new messaging standards will be expected to use this capability and associated methodology.

IATA will be running an Industry Data Model workshop on 25-26 February in Geneva, Switzerland. This workshop is intended for the participants in standard development activities to learn about the Industry Data Model, understand how to initiate future message development projects and gain hands-on experience in documenting business processes, use cases and associated data requirements.


A dedicated Data Model and Tooling Focus Group, consisting of airlines, IT providers and other industry stakeholders, meets bi-weekly to progress on the project. The group operates as part of the Passenger Airport Data Interchange Standards Board (PADIS).

Airlines and industry IT providers - particularly those with experience using an enterprise architecture approach - are invited to contribute their knowledge and experiences.

If you are a representative of an IATA member airline or IATA Strategic Partner organization, you can access detailed project information or even join the group via the PADIS site. Alternatively, you can contact the PADIS Secretary for more information.



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