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Vision and Mission

Our vision

To be the force for value creation and innovation driving a safe, secure and profitable air transport industry that sustainably connects and enriches our world.

Our mission

IATA’s mission is to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry. 

Representing the airline industry

We improve understanding of the air transport industry among decision makers and increase awareness of the benefits that aviation brings to national and global economies. Advocating for the interests of airlines across the globe, we challenge unreasonable rules and charges, hold regulators and governments to account, and strive for sensible regulation.

Leading the airline industry

For nearly 70 years, we have developed global commercial standards upon which the air transport industry is built. Our aim is to assist airlines by simplifying processes and increasing passenger convenience while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Serving the airline industry

We help airlines to operate safely, securely, efficiently, and economically under clearly defined rules. Professional support is provided to all industry stakeholders with a wide range of products and expert services.

Our values

Values are important. We make IATA a great place to work through living and upholding our values every day.  They also support our commitment to deliver results for the industry.

These values are:

  • People focus
  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • Openness to change
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork and cultural intelligence
  • Results orientation
  • Leadership

Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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