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IATA's Industry Priorities and Targets

IATA’s major priorities for 2014 were set by the association’s Board of Governors during their December 2013 session.

Organizational Key Performance Indicators

  • Support e-freight by increasing e-AWB penetration to 22%
  • Ensure that 99.96% of funds processed in the IATA Settlement Systems (ISS) are settled on time. Keep the unrecovered debt below 0.025% of total ISS settled funds
  • Achieve savings in taxes and charges (on international air travel, fuel, airport and air navigation services) totaling $750 million. Reduce proposed cost increases in these areas by an average of 25%
  • Register 39 airlines with enhanced-IOSA and lay plans to further broaden IOSA registration outside of the IATA membership

Strategic Activities

Contribute to airline financial health

  • Support the successful implementation of New Distribution Capability (NDC) with 5 new pilot projects
  • Expand the Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) system participation (currently at around 500 companies) by more than 40 participants to strengthen the foundation for the Simplified Financial Exchange

Encourage partnerships to increase the value of aviation

  • Expand Fast Travel access to 27% of eligible passengers
  • Broaden Secure Freight implementation with 5 new pilots
  • Deploy the first generation of Smart Security (renamed from Checkpoint of the Future) at 2 airports and confirm at least 2 airport/government partnerships for future implementations

Protect the interests of the air transport industry

  • Engage policy makers globally to understand the value of air transport and develop strategies to capitalize on air transport’s economic and social benefits
  • Promote smarter regulation of the industry. Place an initial focus on advocating for a harmonized approach to passenger rights regulations in at least 13 countries, including in the EU as it reviews and amends EU Regulation 261. 
  • Support ICAO in designing a global Market Based Measures (MBM) plan that will help facilitate the industry’s commitment to Carbon Neutral Growth from 2020 (CNG2020)
  • Implement the sustainable alternative fuels strategy and identify an initial list of projects

Maximize value of IATA membership for airlines

  • Establish baseline to improve satisfaction among IATA members and broaden the association’s membership base

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