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IATA Airline Membership Benefits

International recognition & lobbying

  • IATA provides a powerful, unified and experienced voice to support and promote its airlines' operations and aspirations.
  • Supported by 50 offices worldwide, IATA actively lobbies governments and other international bodies on key issues such as safety, security, taxation, liberalization and environmental responsibility.

Targeting key industry priorities

  • Safety remains the industry's top priority and IATA assists its members in continuing to meet industry standards.
  • IOSA, which is now mandatory for IATA membership, is a critical component of IATA's safety program.
  • IATA is actively working with ICAO to globally harmonize security measures and is working to improve security processes. 
  • Environmental responsibility. IATA is driving the industry towards carbon-neutral growth and ultimately a carbon-free future.

Driving industry change

  • Members have the opportunity to help drive the industry' s priorities on key initiative such as Simplifying the Business (StB), which aims to improve passenger convenience while reducing costs and improving efficiency. 

Reducing costs

  • IATA offers a number of financial services at reduced fees to help contain costs, improve cash flow and maximize efficiency.
  • IATA is also helping members achieve cost reductions related to ATC charges, fuel and taxation.


  • Participation in member conferences, committees and groups offers unprecedented access to a variety of airline and industry partners.
  • The IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit bring together representatives from leading international airlines.
  • IATA helps members gain influence with the travel agent community through the IATA Agency Program. 

Training & other services

  • IATA provides training in major fields such as passenger, cargo and safety.
  • IATA programs help to strengthen the capabilities of aviation industry professionals.
  • IATA members can receive discounts up to 30% on a number of IATA products and services.

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