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Testimonials of IATA Strategic Partners

The following companies have graciously shared some of their thoughts about the IATA Strategic Partnerships program . Click on the company logos to view the company profiles.

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"For AccesRail, the IATA Strategic Partnership has been of great use in helping us to understand and adapt to airline industry standards. This, in turn, has aided us significantly in developing strong ties with the airline world. As a result, our railway partners now have the ability to interline or code share with airlines in a seamless fashion from sales to settlement following all IATA industry standard rules. Without IATA, we would not have become the ‘airline on rail tracks’ that we are now."

Denis Grenier, VP Business Development


"Our strategic involvement with IATA has been acknowledged on more than one occasion. As an active fellow partner and driver of the IATA Financial Exchange e-mobilization initiative, we are in a position to gain a greater understanding of airlines’ needs and to contribute by sharing our knowledge and comprehensive experience in this area.  With more than 12 years of EDI competence, we are committed to constantly increasing the number of EDI suppliers within the framework of the IATA Financial Exchange platform and the e-mobilization initiative. It is essential to have one’s finger on the pulse of change in the airline industry – for this, our partnership with IATA is just right."

Reinhold Renger , Managing Director/CEO


 "Being a Strategic Partner in IATA’s global safety initiatives is a key component of Bombardier Aerospace’s commitment to product safety. Participating as a Strategic Partner in this global aviation safety effort has given me access to important safety information that I have then been able to share with my internal collaborators. By leveraging our safety partnership with IATA and actively participating in the Accident Classification Task Force, I have gained a greater understanding of how learning the right lessons from any accident or significant event, regardless of product origin, and applying them can foster improvement beyond just developing a safer product.
On a more personal note, as the Air Safety Manager at Bombardier Aerospace, I feel it is important to have a good, broad understanding of the issues facing our industry today, and my involvement in IATA significantly contributes to this. Membership and involvement in IATA is key to the global safety knowledge and product improvement goal. In my opinion, the entire aviation community can benefit from being a member of this Strategic Partnership."

David Fisher, Manager, Air Safety Investigation 


"The main reasons for Cavotec SA to sign up and become an IATA Strategic Partner was to become a more integral link within the aviation industry as well as having the possibility to contribute to the development of the industry for example within the environment, product development, safety and efficiency areas. This partnership gives us extended networking possibilities and allows us to influence certain areas, for example through participation in the relevant working groups we added “Environment” as a chapter in the IATA Handbook. As a member we also see possibilities to be an important link between manufactures and end-users, which in the end are us”.

Lars Hellman, Vice President, Strategic Corporate Projects


"As a Time & Temperature Task Force (TTTF) member, LifeConEx is actively involved in raising industry awareness and sharing experience amongst all stakeholders involved in the supply chain to further develop Ch. 17 Air Transport Logistics for Time &Temperature-Sensitive Healthcare Products of the PCR. In addition, LifeConEx closely cooperates with ITDI for the IATA Pharmaceutical Cargo Handling training course, provided worldwide exclusively by LifeConEx instructors."

Nina Heinz, Head of Quality

Lyngsoe photo 

"Lyngsoe Systems joined the IATA Strategic Partnership in order to work closely with the industry on methods for improvement of baggage handling. Reducing cost of mishandled baggage and improve efficiency is the goal. Baggage handling being a process involving several parties from check-in to reclaim, all parties in the chain must be involved in the work of optimizing the baggage handling process. To this end, we find the strategic partnership with IATA very helpful, as IATA has the insight and central role needed to obtain successful changes in the industry."


"IATA provides MTU Aero Engines with the very best platform worldwide to maintain regular contact with the airlines' top decision-makers. It offers us a unique and timely opportunity to stay ahead of changes in the marketplace. This is an essential asset to all of our businesses and, as a result, an excellent decision for MTU Aero Engines to have become a member of IATA."

Dr.Weingartner, Member of the Board of Management & President Commercial Maintenance


“Participation in the IATA Flight Operations Groups, and SCAP Task Force Work Group in particular, is an essential part of the Navtech Aircraft Performance product management. It is an important forum where ideas can be exchanged and information shared amongst colleagues and other industry representatives. It provides us with an integral platform whereby we can keep up to date with and influence the industry standards affecting our products, and where we can establish strategic business connections. Navtech would encourage members of the airline community to join the IATA Strategic Partnership Program.”

Henrik Andersson, Director Aircraft Performance Systems

Skynrg logo 

With our mission to help make the market for sustainable jet fuel, the IATA organization, knowledge and network has proven to be invaluable. The two IATA Fuel Forums always represent the highlights on our event calendar as it brings together the entire global jet fuel population. Next to that the great work that the IATA Biofuel team has done in cooperation with ATAG and ICAO has really helped to pave the way for adoption of sustainable jet fuel. SkyNRG is proud to be a strategic partner of IATA. "

Dirk Kronemeijer, Managing Director



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