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Fast Travel arrives in Sub Sahara Africa

South African Airways Becomes the first Airline in Implementing IATA’s Fast Travel Program in Sub Sahara Africa

Congratulations to South African Airways for becoming the first airline in Sub Sahara African region to meet the requirements of IATA’s Fast Travel Program. The airline’s passengers now enjoy a more seamless travel experience and have more control of their journey through the use of a number of time-saving, self-service initiatives. ​IATA’s Fast Travel program, outlined below, covers six areas. To qualify under the program, airlines must implement four self-service projects from a choice of six. Four are mandatory:

  • Check-in: Self-service check-in should be offered at the location. At least one of the following four channels must be used: Automated, Kiosk (Dedicated or Common Use), Web or Mobile Check-in;
  • Bags ready-to-go: Self-tagging offered. Passengers must have the option to generate and apply the baggage tags themselves and there must be a dedicated position for the purpose of baggage acceptance - Fast Baggage Drop Off;
  • Document Check: Passengers should have the possibility to self-scan their travel documents (passport, ID cards, Driving license) and verify automatically that the data is compliant with the destination or transit requirements;
  • Flight rebooking: In case of disruption (cancelation or delay), passengers should have the possibility to be pro-actively re-booked and able to obtain new booking options or boarding tokens via a self-service channel (kiosk/web/mobile);
  • Self-boarding: Passengers should have the possibility to self-scan their boarding token at the gate to gain entry to the aircraft;
  • Bag recovery: Passengers should have the possibility to register a claim for a mishandled bag via a self-service channel (kiosk / web / mobile).

South Africa Airways has implemented web/kiosk check-in, flight-rebooking, bag recovery, and more recently Self-Tagging service.The airline is targeting Platinum Status - offering the Fast Travel experience to at least 80% of their passengers.Testing is already going on for self-boarding at Cape Town International Airport in collaboration with Airports Company South Africa ACSA.

We look forward to seeing the first Fast Travel Platinum Carrier in Sub Sahara African Region and hope that other airline’s in the region will follow.


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