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​​​​​​​​​​IATA ​Legal Services held its 22nd Legal Forum and 16th Legal Symposium from 17-21 February in Barcelona. The Legal Forum is open to legal counsel for all IATA member airlines, and we were pleased to welcome many representatives from ​AME members to this year’s event.  Many items of interest both within AME and globally were raised during the Fo​rum, including:​​

  • IATA’s review of its potential activities in Iran following the partial lifting of sanctions by the EU, United States, and Canada
  • Implications of the amendments to the OHADA Uniform Companies Act on corporate compliance in the member states
  • The status of ratification and implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision regarding access to markets
  • Recent developments and issues regarding the Cape Town Convention and its effect on aircraft financing
  • Updates regarding remittance and repatriation restrictions globally
  • ICAO progress towards a global framework regarding CO2 emissions
  • The status of pending passenger rights legislation in the Middle East
After conclusion of the Legal Forum, legal counsel for IATA member airlines as well as other participants such as external legal providers participated in the Legal Symposium, the world’s principal aviation law conference. The Symposium featured a number of interesting and informative presentations by legal experts from across the globe on a wide-ranging variety of topics of interest in aviation law. Of special note was the keynote presentation of Kas Beumkes, Senior Investigator for the Dutch Safety Board, who discussed the findings contained in the MH17 final report.
Kas Beumkes.jpg 
Kas Beumkes, Senior Investigator for the Dutch Safety Board, speaks regarding the findings in the MH17 report
Additional information regarding the Legal Symposium can be found at www.iata.org/events/pages/legal-symposium.aspx.  IATA Legal Services welcomes and encourages continued participation by AME carriers at the Legal Forum and Legal Symposium, and hopes to see many of our members at our upcoming events.

The next Legal Forum will be held in September in Hong Kong, and the next Legal Symposium – along with Legal Forum 24 - will be held in February in Washington, D.C., USA.  The specific dates for both events will be announced as they draw closer.
Brian Pierce.jpg 
Brian Pierce, IATA Chief Economist Brian Pierce updates the Symposium on the financial health of the industry

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