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IATA Signs MoU with the African Union Commission

IATA and The African Union Commission (AU) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to expand strategic cooperation to further the continent’s economic and social development with the benefits of safe, efficient and sustainable air transport in Africa. The MoU was signed by Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General, CEO and the AU’s Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, Dr. Elham Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim on behalf of the Chairperson.​The MoU focuses on the exchange of information, expertise and capabilities in a number of areas.
More information, please read our press release.

GMBM advocacy towards A39

In 2013, the 38th ICAO Assembly concluded with a milestone resolution on climate change, in which the 191 Member States of ICAO called on the Council to develop a global market-based measure (MBM) for international aviation, effective from 2020. The Assembly requested that the Council finalize the work on the possible options for a global MBM, for decision, at the 39th Session of the Assembly in 2016. It is critical for IATA's members that an agreement is reached at the 39th ICAO Assembly. A failure to do so would expose our industry to the costs of a complex patchwork of climate-related taxes, charges, emissions trading schemes and other overlapping and contradictory measures.
In recent years, the number of carbon pricing instruments, such as CO2 taxes or emissions trading schemes, has grown dramatically across the globe.  A similar proliferation of carbon pricing instruments for aviation would result in an unsustainable patchwork of measures for operators. In comparison, what is currently on the table in ICAO is a proposal for a single global MBM addressing the growth in industry emissions post 2020 in a harmonized and cost-effective way (Carbon Neutral Growth – CNG2020).

The priority of ICAO's Member States should be to ensure that the agreement to be reached in ICAO will facilitate the sustainable growth of international air transport and not impede its development through uncoordinated measures. IATA will be working very closely with key stakeholders in the region to provide the relevant information and discuss any concerns that may arise.

Apart from the key issue of the Environment, IATA will also submit working papers on Smarter Regulations and Taxation and will be working with ICAO to further develop the recommendations contained therein.

More information on the GMBM

IATA/AACO Aeropolitical Forum

The IATA/AACO MENA Aeropolitical Forum, kindly hosted by Egyptair, was held in Cairo on April 13, 2016. The event saw an excellent turnout of over 100 participants from airlines, Civil Aviation Authorities and partners from across the region and beyond. A robust agenda was covered under the theme of "Reflections on MENA Aviation - Facing the Challenges, Focusing on the Future" with the guest speaker, Frederic Haren, discussing the impact of global and regional change on our industry.
The forum outlined IATA's regional public policy program for the rest of the year. 
  • Safety in the region; 
  • Improving security levels;
  • Supporting the industry to reduce taxation;  
  • Ensuring a 'Smarter Regulations' approach;
  • Supporting the implementation of passenger rights regimes and their alignment to existing international conventions like Montreal Convention 1999 (MC99);
  • Agreement of a global market-based measure for aviation at the ICAO Assembly in September 2016;
  • Airspace harmonization and the maximization of Air Traffic Management performance in the MID Region.


The Aero political Forum is a regional annual event that IATA holds in joint coordination and partnership with regional organizations. Stay tuned for our upcoming forum in Africa on 23 November 2016. Information will be provided in due course.

IATA Aviation Day 2016

IATA's advocacy efforts across Africa and the Middle East came full circle this week as the South West Africa field office hosted the IATA Aviation Day in Abuja on the 23rd & 24th of May. The theme of the event was "Driving Economies through the Power of Aviation". A very relevant theme considering the current global trend of low oil prices that is expected to continue for a few years to come.
For airlines, low oil prices are, overall, a positive development.  But for oil and commodity exporting countries, low oil prices are not good news – adversely impacting government revenue and dampening domestic demand and economic activity. Across Africa and the Middle East, Aviation is largely seen as a source of revenue generation via high taxes/charges and other growth restricting practices. There are already cases of governments across the region turning to aviation to bridge their budget deficit – a trend that would most likely worsen. Therefore, the overall aim of the conference was to speak to governments, regulators, legislators and other key policy stakeholders to stop viewing Aviation as a cash cow but as one of "the" key tools for economic rejuvenation and a strategic pillar of national growth.

Some of the topics discussed were, but are not limited to:
  1. The contribution of Aviation to the growth of African Economies;
  2. Improving Connectivity in the intra-Africa aviation market: A key step for Economic Development in Africa;
  3. Proliferation of taxes and charges in Aviation, good or bad for the development of African economies;
  4. Addressing Funding Requirements for the Development of Aviation in Emerging Economies;
  5. Aviation as catalyst for the development of the Agro-Industry in Africa and Middle-East;
  6. Building and managing viable airports in Africa: The Public Private Partnership option. ​

The event was very well attended by more than 250 delegates and included multi-sectoral stakeholders across the aviation value chain such as airline CEO's, renowned financial, legal and aviation experts, senior representatives from organizations such as Airports Council International, CANSO, NEPAD, UNECA, Senior Ministry officials such as and not limited to Transport, Aviation, Agriculture, Budget & National Planning.

IATA Subject Matter experts such as Brian Pearce (Chief Economist), Hussein Dabbas (former Regional Vice President, AME), Raphael Kuuchi (Vice President, Africa), Adefunke Adeyemi (Regional Head Member and External Relations, AME), Seda Protus (Assistant Director Safety and Flight Operations, Africa) and Hendrik Stansch (Manager Industry Charges) and Dr. Samson Fatokun (Area Manager, South West Africa) were also present to share their views and expertise to the audience on the topics covered throughout the event.

Bahrain & Jordan – MP14 Ratification!

In February 2016, Bahrain became the first country in the Middle East and the third country globally to ratify the 'Protocol to amend the Convention on Offences and Certain other Acts Committed on board Aircraft' (known as Montreal Protocol 2014 or MP14).
Unruly passenger behavior on board an aircraft in flight is a growing challenge for airlines. The growing frequency and severity of these incidents adversely affects safety, impacts on the overall travel experience, causes operational disruption and leads to significant costs for airlines. Unfortunately, many unruly passengers who commit serious offenses do not face prosecution or other legal or economic sanction for their misconduct. Taken together with IATA-supported initiatives to prevent and manage unruly passenger incidents, the ratification of the protocol should provide an effective deterrent for unacceptable behavior on board aircraft and lead to safer and a more pleasant air travel experience for all.
Jordan has also taken leadership by depositing their instruments of ratification for MP14 at ICAO in June 2016. We hope that this development will provide additional incentive and leverage for other countries to follow suit so that MP14 will enter in to force in the near future. Countries already ratified globally are Congo, Gabon, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, Jordan, and Guyana.

More information, please click here

Upcoming Key Aeropolitical Events

ICAO Assembly 39th Session​27 September - 7 October 2016 (Montreal)
25th ACI Africa Annual General Assembly​19 - 21 October, 2016 (Mozambique)
Airlines Association of Southern Africa AGM​22 - 23 October, 2016 (Namibia)
Arab Air Carriers Organization AGM​28 - 30 November 2016 (Casablanca)
African Airlines Association Annual General Assembly​20 - 22 November, 2016 (Zimbabwe)
​IATA Africa Aeropolitical Forum​23 November, 2016 (Zimbabwe)

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