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IATA has introduced a brand new service called IATA Customer E-Statement (ICE) on the Customer Portal for cargo and passenger agents which will​ allow them to view their recent balances. For the first time ever CASS/BSP agents will be able to see their payment status directly on the IATA Customer Portal and will no longer have to call IATA for this information. Another feature of ICE is an advanced payment notification service making it easier for agents to plan upcoming financial transactions.
We understand how important BSP/CASS billing procedures are for accredited travel agents and therefore have addressed one of the key needs of the agents’ community by enhancing the Customer Portal.
ICE is one of the many innovative tools and services IATA has introduced with the aim of simplifying and enhancing existing processes. This service aims to enhance the remittance procedure by addressing what we consider to be the last stage of any payment process, the payment acknowledgement. We hope that agents will take advantage of ICE and maximize the benefits it provides.
The service will be available for free to all agents in all of the BSP and CASS operations. The roll-out of this service will be in phases, with communications sent to agents prior to the launch.
Roll-out is planned in August for these countries:
- Ghana BSP
- Jordan BSP
- Kenya BSP (KES & USD)
- South Africa BSP
- South Africa CASS
- United Arab Emirates BSP

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