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IATA's Asia Pacific regional office is based in Singapore and serves as the central point of contact for IATA's member airlines in the region. The regional office also maintains close ties with governments, airports, air navigation service providers and regional industry organizations.

Asia Pacific Digest - Quarter 2, 2017

Welcome to the IATA Asia Pacific Quarterly Digest, where we bring you updates on the major developments in IATA activities in the Asia Pacific region every quarter. Check out the headlines of our current edition and click to read more. ​

IATA and CASA have signed an MoU to use IOSA as a tool to complement their oversight of non-Australian registered airlines operating to/from Australia. Read More

IATA has called on the Thai government to urgently address safety, capacity and costs issues at Thailand’s airports so as to reap the maximum benefits that aviation can bring to the country’s economy. Read More

IATA has revised its 2017 industry profitability outlook, and Asia-Pacific carriers are expected to post a $7.4 billion net profit in 2017, which is equal to $4.96 passenger. Read More

IATA and BIAL jointly organized a Smart Security workshop, the first of its kind in Asia Pacific, in Bangalore last month to discuss enhancements to the security aspect of airport operations. Read More

Asia Pacific Continues to Lead in the Latest 20-year Passenger Demand Forecast

The addition of Thailand to the latest edition of the 20-year air passenger forecast further reinforces Asia Pacific’s position as the leading driver of air travel demand over the period of 2016-2036. Read More

Joined-up Thinking Needed for Japan's Air Transport Infrastructure

IATA has called on Japan to prepare its airport infrastructure for the 2020 Olympics and future growth of the tourism industry using joined-up thinking and extensive consultation with industry. Three areas called into focus are infrastructure costs, efficiency and capacity, and connectivity. Read More

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