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IATA's regional office for Europe, based in Madrid, along with its country offices, serves the needs of its members in the European Union countries plus other 20 countries incl. Russia, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

European activities are focused on responding to the needs of our member airlines, accredited travel agents and industry partners. We maintain close relations with governments, their agencies, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Union institutions, bodies and agencies, Eurocontrol, regional airline associations (AEA, ERA, IACA, ELFAA & A4), airports, air navigation service providers.

Aviation benefits Europe

Aviation creates jobs and drives economic growth. In 2014 airlines will safely transport 3.3 billion passengers and 52 million tonnes of cargo. This activity supports jobs for 63 million people worldwide. And airlines deliver over a third of the goods traded internationally by value—worth some $6.8 trillion. 

For a broadly-defined Europe, aviation supports nearly 12 million jobs and some $860 billion of GDP. The benefits of connectivity can only be fully realized if airlines—the core of the aviation value chain—are strong. Financially, Europe’s airlines are the weakest amongst the world’s major regions. We expect European airlines to realize a post-tax net profit of $2.8 billion this year, for an average net profit margin of just 1.3%. That’s about $3.23 per passenger. More information on Economics.

Efficiency is key

European aviation competitiveness and connectivity much depends on governments’ tax and regulatory policies. Charges and taxes must be economically justified.

The direct cost paid for usin​g airport and ANSP infrastructure has increasingly been transferred to the passenger. And costs have risen steeply over the past decade, partly because competitive pressures are very weak in this part of the supply chain.

Moreover, we estimate that the delays caused by inefficient airspace management in Europe alone will cost the industry $3.8 billion during 2014, in addition to generating unnecessary CO2 emissions. The time passengers waste in these delays is a consumer cost worth an estimated $7.7 billion. More information in our Economics pages.

Settlement systems

BSP & CASS facilitate the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA Accredited Agents. Europe manages more than 180 million transactions (standard charging units or SCUs) and serve more than 30,000 agent locations.  Those services are provided in 17 different languages using 25 different currencies

Customer Service

Please visit our customer portal for assistance with BSP, CASS, Accreditation of travel and cargo agents: www.iata.org/cs




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