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API/PNR Day Southern Africa

July 26 - July 27, 2016 ​Johannesburg, South Africa ​Sandton Convention Centre Member Airlines & Strategic Partners
The IATA Advance Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record (API/PNR) Day is a conference convened under the theme “Standardizing Passenger Data for the Benefit of Aviation and Border Security.​​"

Event highlights

Deliberations at the conference will cover, amongst others, the following topics: 


  • Explaining the impact of UN Security Council Resolution 2178 on States, in particular related to Advance Passenger Information (API)
  • Describing the regulatory framework for passenger data
  • Raising awareness for the international standards and guidelines for the transmission of passenger data, the main types being API and Passenger Name Record (PNR)
  • Highlighting the differences in content and usefulness between API and PNR
  • Embedding passenger data programs in an Integrated Border Management (IBM) framework to maximize law enforcement benefits
  • Exploring and discussing the specific challenges of transferring passenger data in the African region


Who will attend

This focused and strategic conference is expecting around 50 distinguished aviation and border security decision makers and influencers representing, amongst others, airlines, CAAs, government agencies, international and regional organizations, and IATA Facilitation Strategic Partners.

Registration information

Please download and complete the registration form (doc), and send it to us via email. Registration deadline is 1 July.

For more more information, you can contact us.


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Citizens of some countries may require a travel visa to enter South Africa. Please make sure to check the respective field on the application form we will send you, or contact us directly​.


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