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Aviation Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit

​AVARS 2018 is the first event of its kind to focus on VR and AR in the aviation industry. The summit will provide an opportunity for aviation industry stakeholders to connect with VR/AR manufacturers and developers to foster collaboration, share best practices and use case studies to encourage greater adoption around the industry.

May 15 - May 16, 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

​​IATA Office

Open to all

Key highlights

Today, aviation stakeholders are leveraging VR/AR to enhance training, improve the bottom line, and increase efficiency of day-to-day operations. All of these operations are enhanced through hands-free interaction and improved presentation of relevant real-time information.

Adoption around the industry 

  • DHL provides visual displays for order picking instructions
  • KLM has begun training engineers on emergency evacuation scenarios
  • Japan Airlines trains engine mechanics by extracting and manipulating parts from a simulation
  • IATA brings the ramp closer than ever to train supervisors on how to perform turnaround inspections and marshaling
  • SITA allows airport operational data to be visualized and analyzed in a real-time 3D view of the airport

Various airlines such as Air France and Lufthansa also offer an enhanced passenger experience through immersive experiences that transport the passenger to their destination of choice, allow them to compare aircraft seats and even increase their ancillary revenue through seat upgrades. 


    • Registration is now open
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    • Ticket cost: USD 200


Please download our sponsorship prospectus (pdf) or contact avars@iata.org for further information and sponsorship opportunities.

For sponsors, please either enter your sponsorship code of interest (AVARS2018PLAT, AVARS2018GOLD, AVARS2018SILV) in the promo code box of the registration form if you would like to pay by credit card. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please contact us and we will provide you with the invoice and send you the sponsorship agreement. 

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