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AVSEC World Highlights

If you couldn't make it to AVSEC World this time, we'll be udpating you throughout the event. So stay tuned to find out what's happening in Istanbul at the 22nd AVSEC World. 

You can also follow all the action on Twitter (@IATA) using the hashtag #AVSECWLD

Watch highlights from Day 2!

Detecting behaviors

The session discussed human trafficking, unruly passenger incidents and behavior detection.

  • Detective Sergeant Neville Hay gave a moving and hard-hitting presentation on Human Trafficking including a UNICEF video about child exploitation. The strong message came across that everyone can play a role – if you save one person, then you’ve helped. Airlines can help by raising awareness and giving crew the confidence and means to report.
  • Attorney Carol Michel gave an insight into the legal issues around unruly passenger incidents. Best practices for airlines include having clear policies and procedures, recurrent training, documentation including witness statements and involvement of Risk Management and Legal teams.
  • Boniface Nyongesa from Kenya Airways provided the airline perspective. 
  • Dr Julia Heller gave a different perspective on behavior detection – highlighting some of the limitations and making some suggestions for more effective questioning techniques.
  • Umit Oytan from Gozen Security talked about the challenges facing the airlines in recognizing fraudulent documents and suspicious behavior, in particular the time pressures in an airport environment.

Watch hightlights of what happened on Day 1!

Gala reception sponsored by Turkish Airlines

Thanks to our host Turkish Airlines, we enjoyed a wonderful evening in the Binbirdirek Cistern. The cistern is a man-made subterranean reservoir constructed under a palace and is composed of a large hypostyle chamber supported by vaults.

Delegates had the opportunity to network around the beautiful vaults and columns of the historic site. We had another stellar performance from local musicians and dancers showing off the beauty of Turkish culture.

Turkish airlines drew three prizes, a roundtrip ticket to the United States won by Yesim Korhan, Acting Director of Security Training from Turkish DGCA, a roundtrip ticket to European destination, won by Efrat Thomas, International Marketing Manager, and a large model airplane won by Ronald Augstin, Deputy SVP Security Services. We thank Turkish Airlines for their generosity and hospitality.

Security culture - binding elements

Panelists discussed the definition of a security culture: establishing whether there is common understanding of concepts as well as common beliefs and behaviors.

  • ICAO stated there is now at international level a strong security culture with the common objective of the highest public safety
  • CPNI defined the security culture as the glue that binds everything together, however noted that one should distinguish between the global awareness on the importance of aviation security measures and the common understanding, shared values, style and approaches to security at a particular airport
  • Copenhagen airport pointed out that there are several cultures of people within an airport, also within the same company as each department has its specific goals and functions. However, creating a common understanding and awareness of the importance of security measures as well as a feeling of shared responsibility for security is growing among staff working at airports
  • Finally, all panelists agreed that as far as feasible, passengers should also be included in the efforts to create a stronger security culture

Regions in focus

Following the lunch break, hosted by Turkish Airlines, airline, airport and regulatory representatives from Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East took the stage to focus in on regional environments. A lively exchange included discussions around challenges, growth constraints and the stark differences between regulator/industry collaborations in the Middle East compared to Europe.

Secure Freight program launches in Turkey

Following the thought leadership panel, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the DGCA of Turkey and IATA on the Security Freight Program. The MoU is illustrative of the cooperation and collaboration between industry and regulators.

Thought leadership - CEO panel

The thought leadership panel raised interesting questions around which direction aviation security should follow at this global crossroads. Panelists debated whether the risk-based approach should be followed over traditional direct-and-inspect regimes and the challenges this presents for States still working to embrace ICAO Annex 17 Standards and Recommended Practices .

Some interesting statements made by the panel participants:

  • Aviation security stands at a crossroads with the growing number of passengers and the security system is straining to keep up with capacity – Tony Tyler
  • Raymond Benjamin stated that everyone is now agreeing on risk-based concepts
  • The key in risk-based security is understanding threat, intent and capability - Angus Watt, CEO of CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority), but the Achilles heel in risk-based security is in assessing the risk in the passenger – we need to get the risk assessment right
  • While we cannot ensure 100% security we can 99.99% - the security and safety of our passengers is our number one priority – Dr. Temel Kotil, CEO Turkish Airlines
  • Victoria Newhouse, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Risk-Based Security, TSA cited the black cat analogy for security: “security is like looking for a black cat in a dark room when you don't know if there is a cat in the room”

Day 1 - Opening addresses

The event kicked off in Istanbul with over 400 industry and regulatory security representatives in attendance.

Key messages from the morning's opening session:

"we need to be much smarter the way we do security by adopting and end-to-end risk-based approach" stated Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO of IATA

Dr. Temel Kotil, CEO of Turkish Airlines described security as an art and "giving passengers the feeling of security inflight, is more important than ever"

In his keynote address Bilal Eksi, Director General, CAA stressed that "harmonization of security measures is not enough and mutual recognition is imperative"

" (We) Must mitigate risks to civil aviation no matter what form that may take" expressed ICAO's Secretary General, Raymond Benjamin firmly in his keynote address.



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