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23rd AVSEC World

AVSEC World: Creating the Future

Through interactive workshops, panels and  expert presentations 500 + delegates, representing the entire industry of security representatives, exchanged ideas and operational experiences, learnt practical new skills, and put together the framework to create the future of aviation security.

View the AVSEC World 2014 program (pdf)


Day 1: Plenary Session (pdf)

Day 2: Cargo Security and Smart Security (pdf)

Day 2: Emerging Threats/Cyber Security and Insider Threats/Passenger Data (pdf)

Introduction to IATA Security Publications (pdf)

Day 3: Plenary Session (pdf)

Workshops: Risk Assessment and Cyber Security (pdf)

Workshops: Human Factors and Unruly Passengers (pdf)

Workshops: SeMS and Air Carrier Security Programs (pdf)

Daily newsletter

Day 1 - AVSEC Daily Newsletter
Day 2 - AVSEC Daily Newsletter
Day 3 - AVSEC Daily Newsletter


Read the Conference closing remarks (pdf). 

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