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Cabin Operations Safety Conference 2016

The Cabin Operations Safety Conference (COSC) was launched in 2014 to facilitate the further exchange of lessons-learned and harmonize cabin operations safety best practices worldwide.

May 10 - May 12, 2016 Miami, USA JW Marriott Open to all

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Cabin safety is an integral part of IATA’s overall commitment to the safety of air transportation. Cabin crew play a key role in maintaining a safe, effective and efficient aircraft operation during normal, abnormal and emergency situations.
IATA steadily works to improve cabin safety through updating best practices guidelines, revising recommended practices and addressing emerging issues.

Since its launch in 2014, this Conference has brought together more than 300 cabin safety and in-flight service experts from 90 airlines, regulatory agencies, governments, manufacturers and suppliers to address the most important cabin safety challenges.  

Top reasons to attend

Be part of a global exchange!

300 delegates, 130 international organizations, including 90 airlines, regulatory agencies, investigation organizations, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers are expected to attend.


The Cabin Safety Café

Participate, interact and engage in the dynamic speed-networking event that discusses important cabin safety issues.

Stay on top o​f new de​velopments!

Help elevate cabin safety through networking opportunities and workshops, designed to share lessons learned and best practices.​

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