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4th Cargo & Mail Security Forum

Our business: Facilitation - Our focus: Security 

To facilitate enhanced cooperation and provide a Forum for industry to actively engage in discussions on cargo and mail security topics, the IATA will be holding its 4th Cargo and Mail Security Forum.

Geneva, Switzerland

When: November 4 - November 5, 2014
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
Venue: IATA Office - Conference Center - 5th Floor
Audience: Open to all



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Program highlights

  • ACC3, KC3 & RA3: implementation requirements and  pre-assessment and management tools developed by the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV)
  • Secure Freight and e-CSD: How are these projects assisting countries enhance their supply chain security and meet Annex 17 requirements?
  • WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: How can it assist you expedite your cargo processes and benefit from regulator managed security risk management systems?
  • Advance Electronic Information (AEI): What is the best way to engage with regulators on current and emerging requirements?
  • US, EU and  Canada ACAS pre-loading pilots: the creation of global security standards and their impact on your organization
  •  E-business environment: enhancement of  security and  cost benefits
  • Security training: Implement security programs and maximize facilitation opportunities.

Final Agenda (pdf)

Who you will meet

In 2013, the 3rd Cargo & Mail Security Forum was attended by over 120 delegates from all sectors in the industry together with a variety of Regulators. Almost 100% of the delegates stated that the Forum covered all the key topics they wished to discuss and mentioned that they would attend the 2014 Forum. 

This Forum will prove highly beneficial and productive for those involved in ensuring the security of cargo or mail, including executives, operational managers, process and technical engineers, compliance officers, policy makers, security managers and experts from airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, IT companies, shippers and regulators.

Complimentary e-CSD Workshop on 3 November (Afternoon)

On Monday, November 3rd, an e-CSD/CSD implementation Workshop will be hosted, which will be free for all participants registered to the 4th IATA Cargo & Mail Security Forum.

The e-CSD/CSD workshop will be an opportunity for participants to better understand the scope and vision of e-CSD/CSD, and also to;

  • Hear from regulators as they share the lessons learnt from their implementation of e-CSD/CSD;
  • Discover why e-CSD/CSD is an important tool to comply with ACC3 requirements;
  • Engage with industry stakeholders who are currently using e-CSD/CSD on a daily basis as they share the benefits (and challenges) of e-CSD; and
  • Have IATA outline the actions it is undertaking to drive global adoption.

Please view the e-CSD Workshop Final Agenda (pdf)


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Fee information

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Attendee Type             Registration Fee
IATA Member Airlines USD300
IATA Strategic Partner USD300
Other Delegates USD350


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