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4th Cargo & Mail Security Forum

Our business: Facilitation - Our focus: Security 

To facilitate enhanced cooperation and provide a Forum for industry to actively engage in discussions on cargo and mail security topics, the IATA will be holding its 4th Cargo and Mail Security Forum.

Geneva, Switzerland

When: November 4 - November 5, 2014
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
Venue: IATA Office - Conference Center - 5th Floor
Audience: Open to all


Conference Presentations

Day 1 (pdf)

Day 2 (pdf)

e-CSD Workshop (pdf)

Program highlights

  • ACC3, KC3 & RA3: implementation requirements and  pre-assessment and management tools developed by the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV)
  • Secure Freight and e-CSD: How are these projects assisting countries enhance their supply chain security and meet Annex 17 requirements?
  • WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: How can it assist you expedite your cargo processes and benefit from regulator managed security risk management systems?
  • Advance Electronic Information (AEI): What is the best way to engage with regulators on current and emerging requirements?
  • US, EU and  Canada ACAS pre-loading pilots: the creation of global security standards and their impact on your organization
  •  E-business environment: enhancement of  security and  cost benefits
  • Security training: Implement security programs and maximize facilitation opportunities.

Final Agenda (pdf)


Complimentary e-CSD Workshop on 3 November (Afternoon)

On Monday, November 3rd, an e-CSD/CSD implementation Workshop was hosted, which was free for all participants registered to the 4th IATA Cargo & Mail Security Forum.

The e-CSD/CSD workshop provided an opportunity for participants to better understand the scope and vision of e-CSD/CSD, and also to;

  • Hear from regulators as they share the lessons learnt from their implementation of e-CSD/CSD;
  • Discover why e-CSD/CSD is an important tool to comply with ACC3 requirements;
  • Engage with industry stakeholders who are currently using e-CSD/CSD on a daily basis as they share the benefits (and challenges) of e-CSD; and
  • Have IATA outline the actions it is undertaking to drive global adoption.

Please view the e-CSD Workshop Final Agenda (pdf)


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