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E-Taxi Conference 2017

​​​Building upon the success of the first-ever IATA 2015 Aircraft Taxiing Systems Conference, this two-day conference will allow E-Taxi systems manufacturers/solution providers, airlines, airports/ground handlers, OEMs, and regulators to get together and discuss the latest industry developments.


May 23 - May 24, 2017 ​Singapore ​Mandarin Orchard, Singapore Aviation Professionals and Academia
We recognize that the ‘E’ in E-Taxi stands not only for Electric, but also for Efficient and Environmental. The importance and aviation industry benefits of this technology will be outlined at our 2017 conference, followed by details of developments in the last 2 years.​

Technological readiness, regulatory approval

Our 2nd E-Taxi Conference will focus on the technological readiness and regulatory approval of alternate taxiing solutions. 
In the end, the business case must of course also make sense, so ​​​airlines and airports/ground handlers can expect a very in-depth event offering comprehensive solutions to a variety of concerns!

Recent progress in e-taxiing 

We'll be examining progress made by airlines and other industry stakeholders around taxiing solutions including:

  • An electric motor permanently fixed to the aircraft nose or main landing gear
  • An electric tug remotely controlled by the pilot or airport operator
  • A small jet engine replacing the APU to provide sufficient thrust for taxiing 

Challenges for e-taxi innovation

While these solutions may provide operational, financial, scheduling, and environmental benefits, their use will introduce challenges to aircraft operators and air traffic control - and place new demands upon airport infrastructure.

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