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Global Fraud Prevention

The first ever IATA Global Fraud Prevention Event brings together payment fraud prevention experts from all the regions worldwide from several verticals of the air travel industry. 


November 21 - November 23, 2017 Lisbon, Portugal Myriad Hotel
Open to All

      Registration is now closed. Please contact us for the stand-by list. 

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It is often said that crucial to a good fraud prevention strategy is the ability to communicate, share knowledge and network in order to evaluate trends and determine either an industry approach, if possible, or evaluate solutions.

IATA has put together the 1st ever event that aims to bring together global airlines, travel agents and OTAs, card schemes, IATA Strategic Partners and service providers, police authorities and law enforcement agencies from all regions of the world.

The 1st IATA Global Fraud Prevention event will combine airline sessions with open forums, presentations and debates enabling participants to engage, network and discuss about the latest global fraud payment trends and industry payment projects that might impact the way fraud prevention is done today. 

Why you should attend

  • You want to be part of this very first global industry event tackling fraud and bringing together major players to share best practices and coordinate efforts on fraud prevention.
  • You embrace progress and crave to share with your peers your vision on how the industry should move forward.
  • You are directly concerned and interested in knowledge transfer on the latest payment legislation developments (PSD2, 3DS, Data Privacy) and industry solutions including some ongoing IATA projects:  NDC, IATA Financial Gateway (IFG), Transparency in Payments (TIP), PCIDSS, ADM taskforce, etc.


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