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Passenger Experience Regional Workshops

Regional Workshops are organized to promote StB’s Passenger Experience programs. During the workshops, IATA subject matter experts will cover all aspects of the program with a special focus on how to implement these initiatives while addressing any local constraints.

Case studies from industry stakeholders (airlines, airports or governments) will be presented during the event. IATA’s Strategic Partners involved in the respective initiatives will participate in the workshop and be available to the audience to discuss their experience and best practices.


  • Interact with IATA and industry experts on passenger processes of the future at airports focusing on Passenger Experience
  • Learn how self-service processes throughout the airport are improving the passenger experience while reducing costs for airlines whilst maximizing airport infrastructure
  • Learn how improved security checkpoint access and egress can maximize passenger flow at this sensitive process point
  • Learn how to streamline immigration processes with better data transmission and automated boarder control systems

Americas Passenger Experience Workshop

When: 4-5 March 2015
Where: Mexico City, Mexico
Venue: TBD


Europe Passenger Experience Workshop

When: 12-13 May 2015
Where: London, UK
Venue: TBD

Middle East Passenger Experience Workshop

When: 20-21 May 2015
Where: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Venue: TBD


Africa Passenger Experience Workshop

When: 6-7 May 2015
Where: Nairobi, Kenya
Venue: TBD


Asia Pacific Passenger Experience Workshop

When: 17-18 March 2015
Where: Bangkok, Thailand
Venue: TBD



Sponsorship oportunities (pdf) for IATA Strategic Partners only.


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