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IATA Training's 24-hour Hackathon

'Break out' your skills with e-learning development 

IATA Training has teamed up with dnata BV to help accelerate the digital transformation in learning with a 24-hour hackathon competition. We're looking for e-learning developers up for the challenge to create online, interactive, learner-centric micro-learning modules to be piloted by IATA Training.

March 19 - March 20, 2018 ​Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bijlmer Bajes

e-Learning developers

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What is a hackathon?

The goal of a hackathon is to encourage new ideas, innovate and create usable software in addressing real world issues. It can play a valuable role in accelerating digital transformation in large organizations to encourage change and instill innovation-driven cultures.

Why us?

We're looking to test e-Learning developers with online learner-centric micro-learning modules. We'll provide the textbook content for conversion to micro-learning(see the Challenges). You have 24 hours for your team to develop the micro-learning modules.


  • Come and join us within the walls of Amsterdam's former prison - Bijlmer Bajes!  
  • The prison is located in the Oost district of Amsterdam. This will be the venue for the hackathon.

What will we provide?

  • Food and drink for the duration of the hackathon
  • High speed WIFI

What will you need to arrange?

  • Transportation to the venue
  • Accommodation - check out The Movement Hotel in Bijlmer Bajes

Many thanks to our sponsors

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