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Event Program


Monday 17 November 2014

1400 - 1500 SAP Migration Working Group
1500 - 1600 Safety Zones Working Group
1600 - 1900 Registration open

1600 - 1700

1600 - 1700

1700 - 1800

CFG meeting (by invitation only)

TFG Steering Group meeting (by invitation only)

FSG meeting (by invitation only)

1800 - 2000 Welcome Reception and Marketplace

Tuesday 18 November 2014

0900 - 1045 Commercial Sessions                            Technical Sessions                       

 (Airlines only)                                             (Open to all)    

Sponsored by Argus Media                             

Coffee break

1115 - 1300 Commercial Sessions                            Technical Sessions

(Airlines only )                                             (Open to all)

Sponsored by Argus Media                                        

Lunch - sponsored by ADNOC

1445 - 1500

Commercial Sessions                            Technical Sessions

(Open to all )                                               (Open to all)

1900 Official Fuel Forum Dinner

Wednesday 19 November 2014 

0900 - 0930

Welcome and administration

- Antitrust briefing

- CFG and TFG presentations

0930 - 1100

Joint Industry Session 1

Trading and shipping jet fuel around the world - how it works and potential challenges

 Jet fuel arbitrage (shipping) has become a major component of jet fuel supply and is vital to maintaining an efficient and reliable supply around the world. A group of experts will provide their insights into the variety of activities collectively referred to as ‘trading’. The different facets of these complex activities will be examined and areas where more awareness of the challenges and costs involved will be highlighted..

Speakers: tbc


  • Mike Farmery, Clear and Bright
1030 - 1115 Coffee break - sponsored by ENOC

1115 - 1245

Joint Industry Session 2

Managing filtration to ensure fuel cleanliness

It is of paramount importance that robust procedures and suitable filtration equipment are utilised throughout the supply chain from refinery to aircraft wing, to ensure the cleanliness of jet fuel. Speakers will discuss the latest developments in filtration good practice. Action being taken by the industry to disseminate standard procedures and promote their adoption worldwide, as supported by ICAO Doc. 9977, will also be discussed.


  • Anthony Kitson-Smith, Vitol Aviation
  • Phil Rugen, Shell Global Solutions


  • Rob Midgley, Shell Aviation

1245 - 1430


1430 - 1530

Joint Industry Session 3

Commercial supply of biojet to airlines

 Since the first biofuel powered flight in 2007, several flights have been operated using biojet fuel. Most of these initiatives have been the result of bilateral arrangements between individual airlines and their biojet suppliers. Now for the first time, biojet is being supplied to an airport and made available to all airlines. This session will examine the lessons learnt during this process and remove any myths related to difficulties in deploying biojet at airports.

1530 - 1615 Coffee break - sponsored by AEG
1615 - 1730

Jet Fuel 101 - The Chat Room

Ever wanted to know more about fuel specifications, better understand purchasing contracts or how to make fuel go further? This session aims to help newcomers to the world of jet fuel better understand the basics. An informal approach and greater audience participation will encourage delegates to learn from the presenters, as well as from each other.


  • Fuel specifications and properties - Steve Anderson, Air BP
  • The key elements of a purchasing contract - Leslie MacIntosh, IATA
  • How to get the most out of your jet fuel molecules:  improving flight efficiency - Rick Hunger, IATA
1730-1740 Close of joint sessions and look ahead to Barcelona

Thursday 20 November 2014

0900 - 1030

Commercial Sessions               0900 - 1030 Technical Sessions

Sponsored by Argus

Coffee break     
1115- 1340

Commercial Sessions               1100 - 1330 Technical Sessions

Sponsored by Argus

Lunch - sponsored by ASM

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