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Event Program


Monday 12 May

1200 - 1300 WG Safety Zones (by invitation only)
1300 - 1500 TF Fuelling with Pax o/b (by invitation only)
1500 - 1600 CFG-TFG airline meeting (by invitation only)
1600 - 1900 Registration open

1600 - 1700

1600 - 1700

1700 - 1800

CFG meeting (by invitation only)

TFG Steering Group meeting (by invitation only)

FSG meeting (by invitation only)

1800 - 2000 Welcome Reception and Marketplace

Tuesday 13 May 

0900 - 1045 Commercial Sessions     0900 - 1045 Technical Sessions                       

 (Airlines only)                                             (Open to all)                                 

Coffee break

1115 - 1330 Commercial Sessions     1115 - 1530 Technical Sessions

(Airlines only )                                             (Open to all)


1530 - 1545

Joint Industry Sessions

Welcome and administration

- Antitrust briefing

1545 - 1615

Jet Fuel Opportunities at Dublin Airport

Vincent Harrison, Dublin Airports Authority

1615 - 1730

The Chat Room - Jet Fuel 101

How does a hydrant really work and what effect does water contamination have on jet fuel? How do jet fuel price reporting agencies come up with their figures? In an informal setting, newcomers to the world of jet fuel will have a chance to ask the experts on the following topics:

   Water in jet fuel

   - Alisdair Clark, Air BP

 The impact of water in jet fuel, the increased risk of contamination resulting from anomalies in weather and how to prevent such contamination.

   How the hydrant works

   - Anthony Kitson-Smith, Vitol Aviation

Fundamentals of the hydrant system and managing jet fuel quality risks

  Jet fuel price discovery explained

  - Neil Moyes, Lufthansa

An airline fuel purchasing expert will clarify how jet fuel price reporting agencies assess prices and the different approaches of the main price discovery organisations.

1730 - 1740 Conclusion of sessions
1900 Official Fuel Forum Evening

Wednesday 14 May 2014 

0900 - 0930

Welcome and administration

- Antitrust briefing

- CFG and TFG presentations

0930 - 1030

Joint Industry Session 1

The changing jet fuel supply chain: quality and supply reliability in Africa

A trend towards the fragmentation of the supply chain is becoming apparent across the globe, with new suppliers entering the markets while traditional integrated oil companies pull out of the retail business. The potential impact of these changes in Africa and ways to overcome any risks to quality and reliability will be discussed.


  • Jerome Dechamps, Air Total
  • Mark Vaughan, South African Airways
  • Kevin Bower, Air BP


  • Jonathan Pardoe, Virgin Atlantic
1030 - 1115 Coffee break - sponsored by World Fuel Services

1115 - 1245

Joint Industry Session 2

ATA 103, IFQP, JIG and their fuelling standards

This session will provide an overview of the main jet fuel audit organisations and the key differences between the standards.


  • Tbc, A4A
  •  Marco Schaefers, KLM/IFQP
  • Gerald O'Donnell, Shell/JIG


  • Mike Farmery, Clear and Bright

1245 - 1300

Special announcement 

1300 - 1430

Lunch - sponsored by Argus Media


1430 - 1515

Joint Industry Session 3

Special Address

Leo Varadkar TD

Minister of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Government of Ireland 

1515 - 1530

Joint Industry Session 4

The IATA Global Fuel Portal 


  • Michel Baljet, IATA 
1530 - 1615 Coffee break - sponsored by Kilfrost
1615 - 1715 Joint Industry Session 5

Introduction to Aircraft Refuelling Indemnity (Tarbox) Agreements (CP 3.04)

From their implementation in the 1970s and the last update in 1991, Aircraft Refuelling Indemnity (Tarbox) Agreements have been a great success for fuel suppliers and airlines in establishing  liability for risks arising from aircraft refuelling, ensuring that fuel suppliers have the appropriate financial resources to cover these liabilities. This session explains when Tarbox agreements are appropriate, explains the basic principles of Tarbox agreements and summarizes why certain changes have been made following the recent industry Tarbox review (completed in November 2013).


Paul Dubenski, Air BP, IWG Representative

Lisa Ridley, Air BP, Chair. Tarbox Legal Committee

1715-1730 Close of joint sessions and look ahead to Dubai

Thursday 15 May

0900 - 1030 Commercial Sessions               0900 - 1030 Technical Sessions
Coffee break     
1115- 1340 Commercial Sessions               1100 - 1330 Technical Sessions

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