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Aviation Fuel Forum, Barcelona May 2015

 Event Program

Monday 18 May 2015

1330 - 1500

1500 - 1600

1600 - 1900

SAP migration WG (by invitation only)

Safety Zones WG

Registration open

1600 - 1700

1600 - 1700

1700 - 1800

CFG meeting (by invitation only)

TFG Steering Group and Observers meeting (by invitation only)

FSG meeting (by invitation only)

1800 - 2000

Welcome Reception and Marketplace

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Tuesday 19 May 2015

0900 - 1100 Commercial Sessions                            Technical Sessions                      

 (Airlines only)                                                 

 Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero                    Sponsor: Shell Aviation                 

1100 - 1130

Coffee break - sponsored by Conidia Bioscience

1130 - 1330

Commercial Sessions                             Technical Sessions         

 Sponsor: Gazpromneft -Aero                 Sponsor: Shell Aviation            

1330 - 1500 Lunch - sponsored by Aviation Services Management Ltd. 

1500 - 1635

Commercial Sessions                              Technical Sessions 

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero                     Sponsor: Shell Aviation 

1645 - 1745

Commercial Session Workshops

(Airlines only)

(Airlines only)

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero

1830 - 2030

Official Fuel Forum Evening

Sponsors: CEPSA, CLH Aviacion 

Wednesday 20 May 2015 

0900 - 0930

Welcome and administration

- Antitrust briefing

0930 - 1100

Joint Industry Session 1

Quality assurance: the particulate challenge

There appears to be an increasing incidence of particulate contamination of jet fuel at some locations. At best these incidents waste management time and cause disputes about who pays for filtration costs. At worst, there is a real risk of supply disruption to both airports and aircraft. The panel will discuss the challenges on the basis of real examples and consider possible ways to mitigate the adverse effects. Main topics will be:

  • Recent examples and observed trends
  • Impact on supply chain reliability and costs
  • Suitability of current specification and diagnostic tests to provide early warning of a filter plugging event
  • Measures required to mitigate the adverse effects


  • Andrew Glendinning, Air BP
  • Marcus Wildschuetz, Faudi Aviation
  • Spence Taylor, University of Surrey
  • Rob Midgley, Shell Aviation


  • MIke Farmery, Clear and Bright
Coffee break - sponsored by AEG

1145 - 1300

Joint Industry Session 2

Ramp safety, efficiency and the role of audits

The session will examine the various ramp activities and related IATA audit programs such as the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations, IATA Operational Safety Audit and IATA Fuel Quality Pool Audits, with the aim of seeking synergies to further improve their effectiveness and efficiencies.


  • Ger O'Donnell, Shell Aviation
  • Giancarlo Buono, IATA
  • Joseph Suidan, IATA


Hemant Mistry, IATA

 1300 - 1430

Lunch - sponsored by APSCO 

1430 - 1500

Joint Industry Session 3

Quiz: Who wants to be an aviator?

  •  Hosted by Mike Farmery, Clear and Bright
1500- 1610

Joint Industry Session 4

Sustainable aviation fuel

Next year the ICAO General Assembly will be voting on proposals for a Global Market Based Mechanism (MBM) for controlling aircraft emissions,  the  details of which are being finalized in 2015.  At the same time the EU Emissions Trading Scheme will become applicable on intra-EU flights.  Panelists will examine the ICAO process for developing an MBM, the role aviation biofuels could play and the implications of the application of EU ETS to intra-EU flights.  It will conclude by looking at some examples of commercial deployment projects to provide and deploy biojet fuel.


  • Jonathon Counsell, British Airways
  • Jeff Ovens, Cathay Pacific
  •  Andreas Hardeman, IATA
  • Maarten van Dijk, SkyNRG


  • Robert Boyd, IATA
1610 - 1725

Joint Industry Session 5

 A journey through key jet fuel matters and future topics

Summarizing global jet fuel priorities in 2015, this session will also seek input on issues that should be on the agenda at the November 2015 Fuel Forum.


  • Thorsten Lange, Lufthansa
  • Shakti Chopra, Atlas Air
  • Klaus-Peter Warnke, Fuel Plus
1725-1730 Close of joint sessions and look ahead to Cancun

Thursday 21 May 2015

0900 - 1045

Commercial Sessions                         Technical Sessions

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero               Sponsor: Shell Aviation

Coffee break     
1130- 1345

Commercial Sessions                          Technical Sessions

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero                 Sponsor: Shell Aviation

1345 Lunch

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