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Event Presentations

View the presentations given at  the Aviation Fuel Forum in Miami:

Joint Sessions

Joint Sessions Day 2 AM (pdf)

Joint Sessions Day 2 PM (pdf)

Joint Sessions Day 3 (pdf)


Commercial Sessions

Commercal Sessions Day 1 (pdf)

Commercial Sessions Day 3 (pdf)


Technical Sessions

In alphabetical order by speaker, except where indicated:


 Anderson (pdf)  Mengel (pdf)                                              
 Biddle (pdf)  Muromtsev (pdf)
 Bourdeau EI1530 (pdf)  Mylrea (pdf)
 Bourdeau Clay Cartridges (pdf)  Peemoller (pdf)
 Chubb (pdf)  Poitras (pdf)
 Conway (pdf)  Rhode (pdf)
 Dillon (pdf)  Rugen (pdf)
 EI Overview (pdf)  Schaefers IFQP Findings (pdf)
 Flick (pdf)  Schaefers IFQP Presentation (pdf)
 Gerlich (pdf)  Seto ASTM (pdf)
 Hayden Inspectorate (pdf)  Seto CFM56 (pdf)
 Hoskins (pdf)  Vanwalle (pdf)
 Kerojet Aquarius (pdf)  Westphal (pdf)
 Kinder (pdf)  




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