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Aviation Fuel Forum, Barcelona May 2015

Event Program


Thursday 21 May - Commercial Sessions

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero

0900 - 0930

General remarks and administration

Antitrust briefing

0930 - 1045 Session 3

Supplying jet fuel at Spanish airports

This session will provide an overview of the Spanish economy and the air travel market. Panel members will explain the fuel supply chain and logistics and examine the potential changes that will lead to improved competitiveness.


  • Rafael Fernandez Villasante, AENA
  • Jorge Guillen, CLH Aviacion
  • Judith Connatty, Air Europa


  • Tobi Pardo, CEPSA
1045 - 1130 Coffee break

1130 - 1230

Session 4

Pros and cons of Strategic Stock Regimes - what is best practice?

Member states of the International Energy Agency, European Union and other non-member states have adopted strategic stock regimes to enhance energy security.  This session will examine the rationale of some of these regimes and consider whether there are other options to ensure energy security, particularly with regard to jet fuel.


  • Jan Bartos, IEA
  • Sanja Spasojevic, UK PIA


  • Wimjan Lurks, Air France-KLM

1230 - 1330

Session 5

Optimizing operational communication for increased efficiency and reduced flight delays

Airport Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM) optimizes communication of operational information among all actors. The e-fuelling initiative similarly helps to improve fuelling efficiency. The panel will look at progress on these two projects to increase operational efficiency and reduce flight delays.


  • Christian Mietz, Lufthansa
  • Houman Goudarzi, IATA
1330 - 1345 Closing remarks
1345 - 1530 Lunch
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