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Event Program

Thursday 15 May - Commercial Sessions

0900 - 0915

General remarks and administration

- Antitrust briefing

0915 - 1030 Session 6

Opportunities and challenges in biojet production

Speakers will examine the hurdles faced by biojet fuel producers and new opportunities for sustainable aviation fuels, the impact of RFS and RINs on prices and progress on the approval of production pathways. 


    • Tedd Biddle, Pratt & Whitney
    • Darrin Morgan, Boeing
    • Brian D. Carey, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


    • Alex Gautier, Cathay Pacific


1030 - 1115 Coffee break

1115 - 1215

Session 7

Is jet fuel production capacity keeping up with aviation growth? What is the impact on fuel prices?

The session will discuss the geography of aviation growth, examine current trends in the refining sector and provide an overview of fuel price expectations and main risk factors contributing to price uncertainties.


  • Timur Guel, IEA
  • Rachel Williams, Citigroup Global Commodities
  • Brian Pearce, IATA


  • Brian Pearce, IATA 

1215 - 1330

Session 8

Financial and operational benefits of e-fuelling

The session will share practical examples of the where use of pre-flight electronic fuel messages has helped optimize fuelling processes and reduce costs.


  • Gary Henderson, Shell
  • Julien Touvron, AFS
  • Christian Mietz, Lufthansa
  • Heiko Teerling, GlobeFuel
  • Pascal Buchner, IATA


  • Bruno Roussel, IATA 
1330 - 1340 Closing remarks
1340 - 1500 Lunch
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