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Event Program

Thursday 20 November - Commercial Sessions

Sponsored by Argus Media

0900 - 0930

General remarks and administration

Antitrust briefing

0930 - 1030 Session 3

Jet fuel supply in India: sustaining aviation growth

India has emerged as a major exporter of jet fuel, finding a ready market for its product, mainly in Europe. Exports have continued to grow, despite higher demand for jet fuel domestically driven by a burgeoning Indian aviation industry. This session will examine the changing jet fuel landscape in India and changes required to sustain the growth of the aviation industry. 


    • Talib Khwaja, Indian Oil
    • V N Diwakar, Shell
    • K S Chellam


    • Martin Camus, Emirates 
1030 - 1115 Coffee break

1115 - 1215

Session 4

Changes in the into plane market

More and more locations are now being served by independent service-providers, particularly as integrated oil companies have been reducing their activity in the retail business.  The panel will debate:

  • Is the classical into plane JV model of operation becoming obsolete?
  • Given varying market maturity in airport operating models worldwide, where are the different regions in this development?
  •  What are the new operating models in the market and what does it mean for quality, service levels and costs?
  • What fuelling standards should be used and who should have the right to decide?
  • What is the impact of the changes to the Tarbox Agreements on into plane providers?
  • Issues related to risk management when fuelling with passengers on board.


  • Riccardo Squitieri, Q8 Aviation
  • Thorsten Lange, Lufthansa
  • Alexander Kueper, AFS


  • Alexander Kueper, AFS

1215 - 1330

Session 5

The IOSCO process and the impact on clarity of price discovery

Following concerns that certain price discovery methodologies may not reflect market realities, the G20 requested IOSCO to study the situation and to make recommendations to improve performance.  A key output of that study was IOSCO’s Principles for Price Reporting Agencies, published in October 2012. 

IOSCO subsequently conducted a stakeholder consultation to gather feedback on the extent of implementation and effectiveness of the principles. IOSCO will be submitting its final report to the G20 at its Brisbane meeting in November 2014, incorporating the feedback received. This session will discuss the key elements of IOSCO’s final report and seek a better understanding from the leading jet fuel PRAs regarding the changes they have implemented since the launch of the IOSCO process in 2012.


  • Alp Eroglu, IOSCO
  • Jonty Rushforth, Platts
  • Matthew Thompson, Argus Media
  • Tim Wright, OPIS


  • Malvyn Tan, IATA 
1330 - 1340 Closing remarks
1340 - 1530 Lunch
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