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Aviation Fuel Forum - Event Program


Tuesday 19 May 

Commercial Sessions (airlines only)

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero

0900 - 1100

  • Welcome and administration
  • Anti-trust briefing
  • Discussions on selected topics
1100 - 1130 Coffee break - sponsored by Conidia Bioscience


Commercial Sessions (open to all)

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero

1130- 1200

Welcome and administration

  • Antitrust briefing
1200 - 1330

Session 1

Are lower fuel prices here to stay? What are the implications for jet fuel supply and demand?

There are diverging views on the recent drop in oil prices and even more difference in opinion about the implications for energy supply and demand.  An expert panel of speakers will discuss aspects of this uncertain future, the impact on investments in exploration and fracking and the effects of reduced jet fuel prices on the strength of air travel and on airline decisions. 


  • Nathan Frisbee, IEA
  • Julian Lee, Bloomberg News


  • Brian Pearce, IATA
1330 - 1500 Lunch - sponsored by Aviation Services Management Ltd.
1500 - 1635

Session 2

Changing Eurasian and Asia-Pacific energy landscapes and jet fuel

This session will provide insights into Russia's upstream investments and export strategies, as well as changes in the Eurasian and Asia-Pacific jet fuel markets.


  • Anton Dianov, Gazpromneft-Aero
  • Kirill Molodenkov, Rosneft-Aero
  • Feng Hai, CNAF


David Zanussi, Epic Aviation LLC


Commercial Workshops (airlines only)

Sponsor: Gazpromneft-Aero

1645- 1745

Open to airline fuel buyers only, these workshops aim to help newcomers better understand the business. Topics include:

  • The importance of consistent hedging practices for airlines - Jonathan Pardoe, Virgin Atlantic
  • The Aviation Fuel Supply Model Agreement , October 2013 Edition - Thorsten Lange, Lufthansa
  • Distribution and logistics costs explained - Katja Kleffmann, Lufthansa
1900 Official Fuel Forum Dinner
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