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Event Program


Tuesday 18 November 

Commercial Sessions (airlines only)

Sponsored by Argus Media

0900 - 0915

Welcome and administration 

  • Antitrust briefing
  • Brief overview of commercial fuel activities

0915 - 1045

Global topics

Presentation and discussion of key global topics 

1045 - 1115 Coffee break

1115 - 1300


Presentations on key campaigns/issues across all regions, followed by discussions

1300 - 1305 Conclusion of airline only Commercial Sessions
1305 - 1445 Lunch - sponsored by ADNOC


Commercial Sessions (open to all)

Sponsored by Argus Media

1445 - 1500

Welcome and administration

  • Antitrust briefing
1500 - 1600

Session 1

Potential surprises for growth in aviation

 Forecasts are nearly always wrong, particularly at turning points when they are most needed.  This session will focus on the surprises or potential shocks to the consensus outlook. Will China’s debt bubble implode? Will Europe surprise with more dynamic growth or slip into decline? Will the oil price collapse? How will the central bankers perform? Are states starting to close their borders to trade and people? How will the geopolitical situation develop in the Middle East?


  • Rajiv Biswas, IHS
  • Chris Midgley, Shell
  • Shady Shaher, Standard Chartered


Jonathan Pardoe, Virgin Atlantic

1600 - 1700

Session 2

Jet fuel supply in the MIddle East: the market and the players

The Middle East has recently experienced exponential growth in aviation and significant investments have been made in aviation infrastructure. However, the jet fuel supply market has remained mostly unchanged with a high number of monopolies. Panelists will take a closer look at the market, the key players and discuss potential changes.

1700 - 1730

Session 3

Alternative fuels - market status and forecast

 The number of airlines interested in sustainable fuels is growing rapidly. This session explains what is behind airline demand, the technical requirements alternative fuels must meet, how the supply could satisfy demand and once the supply is available, how airlines want to see the fuel being used.


Jeff Ovens, Cathay Pacific Airways

1730 - 1745 Conclusion of sessions
1900 Official Fuel Forum Dinner - sponsored by Atlantic FuelEx and APSCO
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