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Tuesday Technical Sessions

Tuesday 13 May -  Technical Sessions

0900 - 1045

TFG Session 1 

Partner Reports

  • Opening and welcome
  • Feedback roundtable discussion Berlin

        Moderator: Mark Vaughan, South African Airways, Chair. TFG

        - Engine OEMs and ASTM

        - Energy Institute: Phil Rugen, Energy Institute, Shell Aviation

        - HM50: Steve Anderson, Air BP & Steve Barker, A4A

        - Self-assessment tool, based on EI/JIG 1530 (TFG16.1)

           Kevin Bower, Air BP 

  • Outcome of Moscow meeting with GosNII GA

        Peter Westphal, Lufthansa, Chair. CIS TF

  • Contingency planning to manage fuel shortage at the fuel supply chain from refinery to the aircraft wing

        Kyriakos Gennadis, OFC Athens

  • EI JIP

        Mike Farmery, Clear and Bright

  • Explorer Pipeline FAME trail back study by FIJI Rapid Screening Method

        Ian Mylrea, Stanhope Seta

1045 - 1115 Coffee break

1115 - 1300

TFG Session 2

Operational issues

- Leak Detection System testing

   Dean Golba, ATMOS

- Water under the microscope

    Alisdair Clark, Air BP

- Cost of quality "Why we do certin QC issues' panel session

   Moderator: Mark Vaughan, South African Airways, Chair. TFG

   Ita Ikpeme, Sahara Group

   Peter Graeml, United Nations

- Overview approval of Chinese additives

   Yang Zhiyah, CAAC China

   Chris Lewis, Rolls Royce

- SAP contamination case: do monitors really protect the airlines?

   Peter Westphal, Lufthansa

1300 - 1400 Lunch

1400 - 1530

TFG Session 3

Operational issues

- Defuelling, a challenge

   Luc Maes, Skytanking

   Peter Westphal, Lufthansa

- Fuelling safety and operations

   Andy Chubb, Air BP

   Alisdair Clark, Air BP

- Fuel advisories and product quality, case studies

   and remedial actions

   Moderator: Seth Dillon, Delta Airlines, Vice Chair TFG

   - IATA Global Fuel Portal: Rommy Ulloa, IATA

   - SLC, PQ issue without clear indication of the problem

   - PQ incident reporting, trending and prevention: Steve Anderson, Air BP


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