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Tuesday Technical Sessions

Tuesday 18 November -  Technical Sessions

0900 - 0915

Welcome and administration

0915 - 1045

Session 1

Equipment and new technologies

  • A greener approach to aviation fueling – Sebastien Dufloux, Titan Aviation
  • Mitsubishi Regional Jet aircraft fuel system – Koichi Kawashima, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp
  • Hydrants couplers/valves and wear/compatibility issues – Anthony Kitson-Smith, Vitol Aviation
  • ASTM D02, J05: proposal test method chemical water detectors accuracy – Jim Gammon, Gammon Technical Products, Inc.
1045 - 1115 Coffee break

1115 - 1300

Session 2

Specifications, additives, approvals and effects on aviation

  • IATA International Specification Liaison Group: global differences between specs and additives – George Wilson III, SwRI, Chair ASTM D02, J06
  • Operational impact on airlines of ‘off-spec’ events – Kevin Flick, UPS
  • Argument for new viscosity limit of 6.5 cSt @-20C – Jim Kinder, Boeing
  • Total – Amyris Renewable Jet Fuel: a new approved jet fuel currently produced at commercial scale – Olivier Rolland, Total new Energies USA, Inc.
  • ASTM Emerging Fuels Gains Momentum – George Wilson III, SwRI, Chair ASTM D02, J06
  • Update on Aquarius testing – Dietmar Posselt, BASF
  • Update on biocide regulations - Graham Hill, ECHA Microbiology
  • AAL/water-cleanable brown deposit identified during Variable Stator Vane Actuators investigation - Stephen Montgomery, Airbus
1300 - 1445 Lunch - sponsored by ADNOC 

1445 - 1700

Session 3

Electronic sensing devices

  • Introduction and status IATA dP sensor letter - Seth Dillon, Chair. GAES TF
  • Results test rig EI water sensing devices - Phil Rugen, Shell/EI

 The following sensor suppliers will reply to three questions:

1. What sensors do you have which meet EI 1598?

2. What is your field experience?

3. What future innovations are you working on?

  • Faudi Aviation - Matthias Aden
  • PECO Facet - Candido Cancelo and Helena Brage
  • Parker-Velcon - Matt Fielder


  • Particle Solutions: novel field testing methods for contemporary contamination problems - Vic Hughes
  • PAMAS: Resolver 2.0, particle counting and SAP identification - Vic Hughes


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