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Panel: Aircraft Noise

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Achieving harmony between stakeholders





Since the first jet aircraft entered into operation, reducing the noise impact of aviation has been an important issue for airlines, manufacturers and airports. Their joint efforts have been successful and, as a result of technological improvements, aircraft produced today are 75% quieter than they were 50 years ago.

Unfortunately, while aircraft have become quieter, traffic growth combined with poor governmental policies have often offset the benefits achieved through the introduction of quieter aircraft.  


In particular, many authorities have allowed the land around airports to be used for residential purposes, exposing additional population to noise.

As residents around airports urge authorities to take measures against aircraft noise, the solutions adopted are often chosen based on political considerations and not on their effectiveness. This panel discussed the different means to address noise from aircraft and how to engage with stakeholders to find balanced solutions.


Michael Gill   Moderator: Michael Gill
Director, Aviation Environment
  Jean-Paul Ebanga   Jean-Paul Ebanga
President & CEO
CFM International 
Carlos Tanner   Carlos Grau Tanner 
Director General
Global Express Association
  Paul Hooper   Paul Hooper
Head of Enterprise Development
Manchester Metropolitan University 
Stanley Hui Hon-Chung   Stanley Hui Hon-Chung
Airport Authority Hong Kong 



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