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5 Goals from StB Think Tank

To encourage innovation in the aviation industry, IATA Innovation Awards 2013 focuses on the five goals that emerged from the whitepaper produced by the Simplifying the Business (StB) Think Tank (pdf).

Goal 1: Airline Products

The first goal sees a future of the travel industry where customers can choose to access the products they desire, with ease, and benefit from personalized and dynamically packaged offers. Airlines will be able to tailor products according to an individual’s buying habits and agreements that they might have with an airline. Airlines will be able to offer these products and services through all available purchase channels.

Goal 2: Passenger Data

Today, harmonization between countries on the collection and distribution of passenger data is limited and complicated due to privacy and security regulations affecting passenger data. Passengers are confused due to the inconsistency of the information required. Airlines are liable for fines when passengers are denied boarding due to missing data or documentation. Airlines are required to collect relevant data prior to departure. This can vary depending on where the passenger interacts with the airline and could cause delays. The goal is to inform passengers in advance that they are ready to fly, because governments would have confirmed that in advance.

Goal 3: Real-Time Interaction

Currently, passengers suffer from uncertainty and stress associated with queues, flight delays, cancellations and bag mishandling. Optimization of modern technology could go a long way to ease the pain, by allowing access to information in real-time. The objective of this goal is to ensure real-time and contextualized communication takes place between airlines and their customers. Cooperation across the whole value chain of travel entities will build loyalty and bring benefits for all. This will ultimately transform the passenger travel experience.

Goal 4: Hassle Free Travel

The biggest pain point for passengers today is the hassle associated with airport processes and controls. Passengers experience uncertainty and stress due to inconsistency and unpredictability of processes at airports which can be better integrated. The goal is to move as many steps as possible off airport and to make the curb to airside experience seamless, predictable, secure and globally consistent.

Goal 5: Seamless End-To-End Journey

The center of all elements that make up a journey from start to finish is the traveler. Travelers cannot experience a seamless integrated journey of a consistently high quality with reduced stress levels if travel partners (airlines, railways, hotels, rental car and other travel related companies) are not connected. For example, when a flight is changed, the airport pick-up service may not be notified, or the cruise ship that is connected to the flight may not be informed, these elements create a disconnected travel experience. We envisage a future where all travel partners, covering the whole trip, will have the ability to exchange information with each other across the entire journey, with authorization of the traveler.


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