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World Passenger Symposium 2014

100 Years of Aviation

From exclusivity to commodity, is flying still glamorous?

The World Passenger Symposium 2014 focus on how industry collaboration can trigger innovation and drive value through innovation for the benefit of customers. It is covering the transformation currently taking place in the industry in the areas of Distribution, Customer Experience and Airport Design.

WPS in San Diego, USA
When: October 15 - October 17, 2014
Where: San Diego, California, USA
Venue: The Hilton Bayfront
Audience: Open to all

Event highlights on Wednesday 15 October

WPS Daily News Letter

Day 1 - WPS Daily Newsletter

Highlights of the Program

New Feature: CIO & IT Executives Forum
This forum, themed “Digital Business for the Airline Chief Information Officer (CIO)” will bring together Airline CIOs and senior IT executives to present the current aviation technology trends.  The session will provide an exclusive environment to meet your CIO counterparts from other airlines to discuss and learn about technologies relevant to the airline industry .

This forum will be jam packed with hot topics:

  • Digital Business in Aviation
  • Innovation Product Development
  • How to leverage Big Data
  • How to operate in a high volume low margin business
  • Paperless Aircraft Operations 
  • CIO versus Chief Marketing Officer, and the Chief  Digital Officer?

  • A Revolution in Distribution?

    From central reservation to global distribution systems; from airline websites to online travel agents, travel metasearch and business travel agents, distribution has never stopped being a key topic for airlines and their partners. Is New Distribution Capability (NDC) the next frontier for airline distribution? Will it bring radical changes to the distribution to end-consumer or is it a natural evolution for an industry that is lagging behind in terms of product retailing?

  • The Millennial Customer
    Learn about the “millennials" - the next generation of travellers. How will they change the game? Learn about the multiple expectations throughout the journey and how empowering customers  will allow them to dynamically design their own experience. Will the customer interact in real time with their airlines and airports? What role will social media play in 25 years?

  • Airport 2025
    Listen to discussions on how we can create a better experience while at the same time assuring security and border control. Learn how airport design anticipates infrastructure changes in new airport development but also in refurbishing existing airports.

    • View the WPS Program Directory (pdf)!

      Passenger Innovation Awards 2014

      The Passenger Innovation Awards is an initiative that aims to ignite new ideas in the passenger world. The ideas should meet at least one of the following objectives:

      • Improve passenger experience - anywhere in the process from shopping to travel, including ground experience
      • Reduce or drive improvements to simplify existing processes or decrease costs
      • Create an innovative product or service that falls under the Simplifying the Business (StB) scope and at least one of the five StB goals (pdf). Visit the Passenger Innovation Award 2014 page.


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