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143rd Slot Conference

​The Slot Conference (SC) is a "Working Conference"

With over 1100 delegates, from over 220 airlines and representatives of over 70 schedules-facilitated or fully coordinated airports, this semi-annual meeting is one of IATA's largest events. The goal of the conference is for airlines and airports to obtain the slots that will give them the best possible schedule to offer their customers.

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November 6 - November 9, 2017 Incheon, Republic of Korea Songdo Convencia Airlines & Level 2 & 3 Coordinators only


This event requires registration. Head Delegates will be invited by email to register​​ their delegation mid August 2018.

Visa requirements

Delegates are reminded that it is their individual responsibility to obtain a valid visa to attend the Slot Conference. Please ensure you check your visa requirements as soon as possible to prevent any delay in your visa application. For guidance and further information delegates should consult the IATA Travel Center.

Delegates requiring a letter of invitation to attend the conference in order to support their visa application should check the "Visa Letter Request" box when registering online, then follow the instructions.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

This event is open to all Airports and IT Companies who wish to sponsor or exhibit in the exhibitors hall at the conference.

Contact WorldTEK Sponsorship & Exhibitions for more information.

IATA Training

A three day Airport Slots & Coordination Training Course is offered prior to the start of the conference 09:00 Saturday 03 November 2017. Registration and payment are necessary.

For more information

The activities of the Slot Conference are managed by the Worldwide Airport Slots Department

For further information please consult the Slot Conference Guide (pdf) Attending the Slot Conference (pdf) 

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