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Air Cargo Innovation Awards 2017

The Air Cargo Innovation Awards is an initiative which strives to drive greater innovation by encouraging entrepreneurial ideas for the air cargo industry to  be an enabler for the Industry. 

A winning innovative idea will be one that leads to the increased competitiveness of Air Cargo compared with other modes of transport. It will enable commodities that were not possible to carry in a safe and cost-efficient way in the past.

Your idea will:

  • Increase quality and/or decrease cost of operations
  • Develop technologies that optimize revenue and/or capacity utilization and/or shorten the lead time and/or enhance service availability
Inspired? Prepare and submit your idea!

Deadline for submission: 31 January 2017

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Contest Prizes

 1st Prize
  • USD 20,000
2nd Prize
  • USD 8,000
​​3rd Prize
  • USD 8,000​

Air Cargo Innovation Awards 2015

IATA hosted the first edition of the Air Cargo Innovation Awards during the World Cargo Symposium 2015 in Shanghai.

Winner idea
CANTrack by Floris Kleijn (media release on CanTrack and video on progress)

CLIVE by Niall Van de Wouw
Cargo Claims by Kiona van de Burg (Video on progress)

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