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Past World Cargo Symposiums

The World Cargo Symposium is the cargo industry event, attracting representatives from the entire supply chain and delegates from all around the world.

It is organized by IATA every year in March since 2007.

2013 - Action for Sustainability

The 7th edition was held in Doha, Qatar and hosted by Qatar Airways and Qatar Airways Cargo. It has been organized for the first time in the Middle East recognizing the importance this region is placing in cargo.

Action for sustainability was the theme of this year's event to acknowledge the fact that our industry is in need of long-term strategies and investments for sustainable development.

IATA is defining a general theme for each World Cargo Symposium and is supported by its member airlines who host this major event:

    • 2012 - Partnership at Work: held in Kuala Lumpur and hosted by Malaysia Airline and MASkargo
    • 2011 - Connecting the World: held in Istanbul and hosted by Turkish Airline and Turkish Airline Cargo
    • 2010 - Bounce Back: Rebuild the Future: held in Vancouver and hosted by Air Canada
    • 2009 - Delivering in Turbulent Times: held in Bangkok and hosted by Thai Airways
    • 2008 - Focus on the Customer: held in Roma
    • 2007 - Focus on Simplicity: the 1st World Cargo Symposium was organized in Mexico



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