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December 2006

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IATA e-freight: Pilot Countries Announced / MIP expands / Vendors Engaged
Chevrons IATA Cargo Announces: World Cargo Symposium - Mexico City,
5-8 March 2007
Chevrons Cargo Security: AVSEC World 2006 Cargo Security Workshop, Sydney 19 October 2006
Chevrons CASS Delivers an End of Year Present
Chevrons UAE Adopts Cargo


IATA e-freight: Pilot Countries Announced / MIP Expands / Vendors Engaged

IATA e-freight will launch five core, local implementation programmes in 2007 on key trade lanes. These will include routes linking Canada, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom in support of the industry's bid to free the airfreight supply chain of the need to transport paper in parallel with freight.  IATA will also work with industry and other progressive governments — including Sweden and Mauritius — where IATA will benchmark innovative e-customs initiatives. Over the next year, IATA will continue to assess the global aviation sector to identify and provide support in those locations where government and industry are moving toward e-freight

IATA e-freight was launched in late 2004 as part of IATA's Simplifying the Business programme and is designed to free the air cargo supply chain of the up to 38 pieces of paper than can accompany the average air freight shipment. The project has been aligned with the World Customs Organization and the United Nations customs modernisation initiatives. An important aspect of the programme is the IATA e-freight Message Improvement Programme, which aims to increase the accuracy and penetration of electronic messaging. (See related article in this edition of Tracker).

IATA e-freight Message Improvement Programme
The Message Improvement Programme is well underway, with 17 airlines and five freight forwarders on the MIP team. An updated version of the MIP Strategy is being developed as we go to press and will be made public in January 2007. The strategy will discuss how to: 

  • Measure quality and penetration of FHL and FWB messages
  • Conduct Root Cause Analysis and invoke strategies to increase quality and penetration
  • Monitor progress against targets

 IATA e-freight Vendor Engagement Strategy

In order to make e-freight a reality, the supply chain industry needs the technology community to provide e-freight solutions, which also target the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Vendors who agree to support the e-freight vision are invited to join the IATA e-freight StB Preferred Partnership Programme. By joining the programme, vendors will be invited to attend local e-freight business and technical workgroup meetings (when they are established and active) and as part of the technology community, offer advice and guidance to the e-freight project.

IATA e-freight StB preferred partners will:

  • Be at the forefront in industry-standards creation and adoption
  • Have access to relevant materials from pilot countries
  • Reduce costs, both to the industry and for themselves, by ensuring that different e-freight solutions are aligned and compatible, specifying and implementing standards and best practices for system interfaces
  • Share ideas and experiences with like-minded peers

Taking this forward, IATA will create a Vendor Action Group, from IATA e-freight StB preferred partners, who will ensure:

  • Delivery against target and objectives
  • Systems and standards are in place to support the pilots



IATA Cargo Announces: World Cargo Symposium - Mexico City,
5-8 March 2007

Introducing the new, annual, "must participate" global air cargo event. The IATA World Cargo Symposium
is designed for information, interactivity, and effective industry networking. The first World Cargo Symposium, Focus on Simplicity! brings together 11 air cargo industry governing bodies and will feature 10 highly topical air cargo tracks.

Participate in this weeklong global mega-event alongside 150 air cargo supply-chain decision makers and 600 cargo professionals from around the world. Conduct business on-site with key industry players while you discover (and influence) the latest air cargo industry developments.

The IATA World Cargo Symposium is the only such event to re-invest profits into Air Cargo's Simplifying the Business programme.

For more details on the event and to REGISTER click on:




Cargo Security: AVSEC World 2006 Cargo Security Worshop, Sydney 19 October 06

The AVSEC World 2006 Cargo Security Workshop in Sydney on 19 October concentrated on establishing key principles and priorities for global baseline harmonisation and shared ownership and responsibility for supply chain security. It was a success. Attendance was high and participation in the debates, lively. Our sincere thanks go to all those delegates who contributed.

Useful feedback has been received following publication of the draft 2006 Cargo Security Strategy paper. It is being modified as a result. The final year one version will be posted on the IATA website during December. 

Chevrons CASS Delivers an End of Year Present

With the successful launch of CASS Gulf — covering the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait — CASS is now operational in 57 countries worldwide with even more countries in the development phase. Testing has commenced for CASS central Europe, which will encompass Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Studies continue for the Baltic States and East Africa, centred chiefly on Kenya. 
The 2007 development plan is currently being finalised with the CASS Policy Group, which will target even more countries as the network grows.  

The CASSlink Courier module has just been launched in the United Kingdom and the Import module has now progressed to market testing. Once the Import module is released in the live environment, during Q1 2007,
an Import expansion programme will commence. 

So, 2006 draws to a close with another record-breaking year for new operations. And whilst we await final processed numbers all signs show that volumes and settlement values will again set a new benchmark.

As we look ahead to 2007 we continue to focus on extending our global coverage to offer even greater value to our customers whilst delivering highest-quality solutions in the most cost-effective manner. 

We would like to thank all CASS participants for their support during this past year and look forward to even greater success next year.     



UAE Adopts Cargo

Sep 2006 – The United Arab Emirates officially adopted the Live Animals Regulations manual. Our Director General & CEO, Giovanni Bisignani, presented HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Minister of Water & Environment, with a plaque in recognition thereof. The LAR herewith reaches another milestone as the worldwide standard applicable for transportation of live animals by air.

The LAR 2006 edition features new materials:

  • On transportation of marine turtles, including hatchlings
  • Stocking densities for SPF gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs
  • Requirements for shipment of koalas
  • Country requirements for France, United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Oct 2006 - Perishable Cargo Manual recognised by the industry. Effective 1 October 2006: the Perishable Cargo Manual is now being used by Member airlines for the acceptance, packing and handling of perishable goods. The 6th edition of the PCM introduces a brand new chapter on the transportation of cut flowers.

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